I am a huge phantom of the opera fan  

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8/5/2005 8:40 am

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I am a huge phantom of the opera fan

I am a huge phantom fan, i love it i love it love it, and i love to sing it. Given that i have never had any training i sound pretty damn good, lol, i can hit the high note at the very end of the theme song and that's saying something cause that's a really high note.

Anyway, i can't go a day without singing it in some way shape or form. i am hoping one day that i will be able to sing in the broadway version. I have way too many dreams for my own good ya know?

I mean, i wanna be a writer, correction, i will be a writer, i will be the biggest thing since Anne Rice, i'll bury her! i will be a famous artist as well, no duh, lol, and i want to sing and or dance. I'm a huge creative person, so what?

Hey, i'm aloud to have my immature days and this is one of them apearently, lol, talk to ya'll later.

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