Family is in town  

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8/7/2005 10:59 am

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Family is in town

Family is in town, and now i have to spend time with them. Not that i'm complaining, but i had plans with a few friends and then my aunt comes into town. I love her and all but now i have to let my friends down with the news. At least i have my prorities straight right? I mean c'mon, family or date with a hot guy, family, date, i wanted to go on that date soo bad too.
But either way i get to play with my little two year old cousin, Trevor, who is a doll! i love him to bits, he is such a mischeif maker! he is like me when i was little, hehe, devil horns. The only bad thing about this little kid who runs like there is no tomorrow, there goes my exercise for the entire week, but he is soo spoiled. He doesnt like to diverge from the activity he is currently set upon doing and is in the process of doing said activity. Then he puts up a fit.
Lol, but what do you expect, the terrible twos. My kids gonna be the same way one day, lol, yes guys of the world i want kids. But, my aunt kristin, the best aunt on earth, so funny. She has my sense of humor which is dry, sarcastic, dark, and over all goofballiness. My uncle stayed in Taylor, which by the way, total snob town.
Man, i do ramble on when i get in the mood don't i? O well, i have alot to say. Anyway, if anyone asks this week i am with friends or with family.


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