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7/31/2005 9:46 am

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First experiences

OK, I meet one of the men on AdultFriendFinders (AdultFriendFinder) and we got together for a little fun. We set up a time, day, and even discussed the use of condoms. I told him what I wanted and how I wanted it.

So we meet at the location we arranged and first off he was older then his pics. That for me was a total turn off. If your not honest with me I get turned off quickly.

But I was thinking, what the hell, by this time I was very hot and bothered and I need a hard cock to satisfy me.

So we went to our room and we quickly undressed and down he goes right to where I needed it most. He was chewing my lips and licking up my fresh juices as he was commenting how great it tasted. At this point I'm thinking, hmmm not to bad, I could still get into this. But then before I could even get my first climax, he thought he was done!! HELLO!! I WAS NOT DONE!

He sucked a little more after I spoke of my needing him too. Then Finally I had my first of normally several climaxes.

Ok he wanted to get hard and fuck after that. That’s fine with me because I had had my first climax. But now he couldn’t get it up? Performance anxiety? Needless to say his lack of growth was not a turn on. I asked if I could help. I was told no. So I masturbated next to him because I needed to stay in the mood otherwise it was over.

Needless to day it was a semi-hard-on when he fucked me and he blew quickly.

I’m hopping my next AdultFriendFinder experience will be better then this one. Do you think you could do better?

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