Women over 40  

needfixing 52M
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8/9/2006 7:42 am
Women over 40

I have found that I am more turned on by women over 40 than women under 40. Don't get me wrong, I find young women very exciting...young tone, hard bodies always get me hard, but women over 40 who are in shape....are SO FUCKING sexy. Don't get me going on hard bodies over 40.....would sell my soul. Why do I find a fit woman of this age more of a turn on than a younger one? Maybe because of what it takes to stay in shape? I think it says something about her personality. Maybe I figure that if she can maintain a hard body then she will be able to fuck the shit out of me? Of all my experiences I have found that older women who workout, are the best at sex. Has anyone else discovered this? or have input?

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