Is being turned on by other women wrong?  

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5/31/2006 6:39 am

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Is being turned on by other women wrong?

Today I decided to share my thoughts on marriage and try to discover (with the help of others) why I am not as interested in sex with my I used to be.

Is it only me or do other people find themselves being turned on by other people, as long as it is not their spouse? Don't get me wrong; I still have sex with my wife, but more and more it is because she initiates it, not me. What is wrong with me? I use to get hard if the wind blew by my that I can have it any time I want it, it's not as exciting.

She has not changed physically, so she is not a turn off...far from it, but thinking of her friends or women at the gym....a woman walking her dog....gets me hard in a second. I used to take advantage of this and fuck my wife while thinking of another woman, but lately I think of these situations when she is not around and have to take care of things myself.

What is so fucking exciting about being with someone new or different? I think fot that feeling that shoots through my body when a woman (for the first time) slips her hand into my pants and reaches for my throbbing cock....that first touch is so exciting...feels like my cock is going to explode from too much blood. Like a balloon overfilled with water.

Why does the thought of being with someone new every night (or day) turn me on so much? Are their any women who feel the same way? Am I wrong for having these thoughts even if I have not intention of acting on them?

Why does the thought of fucking a stay at home mom turn me on so much? The thought of showing up each morning to help her deal with the frustrations of the day...again, gets me rock hard.

Maybe I am fantasizing about a woman who has the same feelings I have...sitting at home, wanting sex, but never thinking of her spouse for satisfaction.

I guess I am asking all of you: Am I fucked up? Am I an evil person for feeling this way?

rm_shannee2006 52F
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6/9/2006 7:40 am

Fantasies are just like feelings. They are not facts. You aren't wrong to fantasize. "The thought of showing up each morning..." That remark is interesting given that you are bored with your wife. Have you ever thought of treating her like you don't know her? Inviting her for surprises that encompass some of that excitement you crave? What about having her meet you in the lobby of a hotel and then taking her upstairs to have a passionate quickie, kiss her, whisper that you'll see her at home later and then leave to go back to work. Treat her like she's a hot date my friend. You'll spice things up. Use those fantasies to make your sex life with her exciting.

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


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