The artist that wants to fly to the moon  

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3/12/2006 4:25 pm

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The artist that wants to fly to the moon

Sunday afternoon:
Very cold and there is a nudge to stay in doors and become a vegetable in front of the telly.
The thing is I just fall asleep. So I have taken a trip to wendover woods to get some inspiration now the sun is out. The prehistoric fort always gets into my mind and stimulates the need to create. The vegetation is still low due to the cold so the earth works are visible.
The brisk walk puffs me out as it all up hill but great on the way back as its down hill back to the car.
My friend Phil phoned later this afternoon to remind me that he is expecting me to go see him and his family in Blackpool at easter.
Blackpool is so busy especially when the season starts.
My friend Russell also Phoned to ask if I was up for a meet at the cross keys tommorow to discuss his artwork. He's into the Jackson Pollock style of painting. There is a little abstract surrealism in there as well.
We intend to enter the portrait gallery's competion at the end of this year so I want to have a go at painting his wife who is very attractive.

Arrived at Uni to find most of the other guys feeling poorly. A guy came into the uni to give a lecture.Very inspriring and a good sculptor. The big show is near the end of may so I had better get on with my exhibit. At the moment the theme I've chosen is Genocide probly influenced by the death of Malosovitch (will look his name up later for spelling)I've got the idea of casting lots of skulls and putting them in a pile with two big paintings illustrating the waste of genocide.
Years ago I met a fella from Sierra Leone who was fleeing from genocide. He said that whole villages were being wiped out so he came over to Uk and became a cleaner I until it all settled down. We in UK have no idea or no conception of genocide so we are lucky.
I've run out of vandyke brown and Paynes grey which is a pain so I will start these two paintings on Wednesday.
Met Russell at the cross keys. Had a good discussion on the stratigy for our entry into the competion. Plus discussed the council tax and how expensive it is. We agreed that we the men whose name is on the council tax list will be in trouble if it is not paid.(on time)

Tuesday(14th march)
Bought the canvases and the paints I needed so its all go. Got the photos as well to copy from and the mould is drying for the skull casts.
Ran out of milk today and its cold so is that an omen or something. Spent some time on the old computer to get some ideas.

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3/12/2006 6:43 pm

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