Fact or Fantasy  

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4/6/2006 11:37 am
Fact or Fantasy

After much talk on the internet then on the phone the day was here. How they would meet has been scripted by their fantasies, inhibitions and willingness to take it to the next level.
She arrives at his domain, nervous but very excited. Can she really just walk up to this house? Pulling up her heart skips a beat ...OMG I really am doing this. She steps out and walks to the door. Yes he was right he left it right on the doorknob. A blindfold. This is so exciting she thinks, to be touched by...I will never see his face, that was the agreement.
He has paced the house for hours. Shower taken, shaved, light cologne splahed on. she will never do this he thinks but hopes are much different.
He see's her pull up...OMG this is going to happen. Blindfold on she rings the bell. he is there guiding her in. Firm grasp of the hand, gentle first kiss.
He allows her to study his body, face all the way down as she removes his clothes. she is shakig with desire, lust and need. she explores everything but only briefly. This visit is for her not him.
His turn. He removes her clothing piece by piece teasing her body with light caress's and kisses. He knees almoat buckle once. A soft moan escapes her when he kisses the top of her butocks.
He lays her down, everything is ready. She has already opended her legs welcoming what is to become. With guided dkill he begins to trim her hair. She feels warm and wet the musk penetrating the room. she has never allowed anyone to shave her, much less all the way. he has teh foam all over her, such a feeling of warmth. Then it begins, inch by inch she is shaved clean. He then bathes her pussy with warm water, she moans. lights he blows on her lips to let her feel the difference.
She is begging to be licked, touched....
their lovemaking was incredible. His toungue circling her clit till she begged for his cock. He enters only slightly, her hips thrust towards him wanting more. He pulls out then circles her lips with his cock. She reaches out and grabs his arms wraps her legs around him...she wants it all the way. he enters again but slowly....ever so slowly sinking all the way in....she wants it more, harder...but he puls out again.....DAMN she tries to pull him in again, he resists. Just then she thinks he is just teasing me as he lowers himself fully with one big thust into her. Hard and fast the rhythem picks up...she realizes she has stopped breathing, she gasps...OMG that is so.....yessss
Breathing labored both spentshe attempts to pull off the blind fold. No she had a deal.....next time it was her turn...

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