That was nice but I'm back  

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1/16/2006 5:05 pm

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That was nice but I'm back

Weekends. The point of the week is to reach the weekend. I've heard that phrase before and sometimes it is true.

Not for me. Not usually, and not recently.

The weekends our friends come over, play games, hang out, enjoy company, all that good friendly stuff. My wife works m-f. So if you asked her, for what days does she live, she would answer saturday and sunday.

Now considering this, I would assume that she would try to have fun or at least allow herself the possibility of happiness without constant complaint. hmmm...interesting thought, but I would be wrong more often than I would be right.

I get easily pulled into the depression that sometimes is our life. I am often unispired by the contact of other humans. The thoughts of those around me affect me if I let them, but I more and more choose not to allow them to affect me.

I often entertain thoughts that would create discussion, maybe I'll add them to this blog at some point, but I am terrible at this as I entertain complete opposite thoughtlines at the same time, not agreeing disaggreeing or advocating either. So I inevitably consider, what's the point?

Example: I say I support freedom of choice and freedom of speech and freedom to do whatever the hell you want to do, with in reason, with out pain to others.

Now hears the Cunundrum. What is with in reason? Who decides what is with in reason? I thought I had the answer to this to. Simple, each person decides for themselves. Well, here's the catch. You aren't old enough, so your guardians decide. You don't know enough, so your teachers decide. You are too inexperienced, so you supervisor's decide. You are too low on the chain in the company so your employers decide. You do not speak for the country as a whole, so your government decides what is with in reason.

Now hear is something a little more abstract from the above statment of freedom to choose, it's about pain to others. Do whatever you want without pain to others.

Well let me tell you. Growing up is painful. Without pain, you do not get stronger. Whether you are talking about strength of the body or strength of the mind or strength of the soul.

Now when you are growing up, your parents decide what types of pain to endure to learn your lessons and to grow stonger and to become an adult.
When you are a little older, you may have a job, you may have a spouse, family and friends, etc... and these are the situations and the people that tell you what types of pain you must endure to be human in society today.

So is it right what I believe in? Or is it a hopeful thought.

Do I want chaos, so I can have true freedom? Or do I want freedom with in reason? Do I want to be reasoned with?

I have a headache, and I don't put such questions on my blog to avoid such migraines. I do on the otherhand love reading them on other people's blogs. Kind of stupid of me to fuel the fires of my own headaches but what are ya going to do, what I live through will make me stronger.

Now that I probably don't have your attention anymore, with this longwinded post, I will choose to tell you that I am most happy when you choose to tell me...anything.

I believe this is my third post today, and I still can't wait for tuesday, I'm still thrilled about this past friday, and I am hopelessly depressed when it comes to blogging about my life and my wife, but it helps and so do you.

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