Simple Post!!! YEAH RIGHT!!! Order of Contact  

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1/3/2006 7:21 pm

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Simple Post!!! YEAH RIGHT!!! Order of Contact

Ok, no comments on my profound thinking yet (1 post below). I completely understand.

Enough with the profound, let's make this particular post very simple and not very poetic. Not feeling introspective today either, nor do I want to be graphically blunt, ok, maybe I do, nevermind.

Right now, I am not having sex. I would much rather NOT be typing, too busy having sex. Hell, I would like to be spending time with someone of the opposite sex. Yes just spending time would thrill me.

Ok, screw the whole simple post thing, that just got dumped in the water.

My wife's at work. I'm at home. I could be at a family member's house or at a friend's house or just simply out, but I am home. I want human female contact. Is that truly too much to ask? I want a hug. I want a kiss. I want to run my hands up and down a girl's back, first outside then inside her clothes. Massaging her gentley with building need. I want to unbuckle her bra (if she even has one on) and run my hands to the front of her playing with her chest, gently squeezing her nipples. I want to kiss her neck. I want to feel her tongue and mine intertwined. I want her naked body and mine pressed together. I want to taste her; from her neck to her pussy. I want to lick her everywhere she feels she needs my tongue to be. I want to watch her cum by fingering herself as I suck on her. I want to make her cum by sucking on her nipples. I want to make her cum by fingering her. I want to make her cum by licking her clit. I want to make her cum sliding my dick inside her as gentle as forcefull, as fast or as slow as she wants it. When I'm done with that... I want to do it all over again.

My wife's at work and I'm at home. Sigh. When she does get home and I tell her all the above, she'll tell me what she told me earlier..."I have my period."

*sigh* ain't life grand.

Sometimes it is good to know the limits of your friendship with the girls around you, so no mistakes or misunderstandings are made. Personally I like to know where I stand with my friends.

Tell me girls, How far would you let me go? Hopefully it is at least as far as 1.

1. Just talk (we're friends, get your mind out of the sewer, or at least back to the gutter where it belongs)

2. Hugging (no lips please, and keep it breif, buddy)

3. Kiss (that would be on the cheek as a greeting, maybe a peck on the lips, but only if it is obviously just a friendly gesture at special times)

4. Backrub (yeah that's right, I like your hands on me, but lets try to keep it from being sexual, suggestive is fine, but if you grope me without my blessing, we're having words)

5. Making out and groping (can do this for hours, and maybe we will, cause you aren't putting that, there. At least not yet)

6. Touch me till I cum (with your hands, with your mouth, whatever, just do it!!!)

7. FUCK ME!!!! (you've done everything else, now do me!!)

8. Let's get Kinky (let's explore, maybe multiple partners, maybe a fantasy or two, what's your desire?)

9. Creative Fantasy (now that's what your fetish is. I'd never guess. let's stop guessing, open up and tell me what you really want.)

10. This number is not for the faint of heart. (anything, anytime, anywhere, kinky is for wimps, lets get real)

So that's the list 1-10. How do I rate with you?
and did I miss something or put it out of order?
Feel free to place your own personal order of contact here.
(Realization: shameless attempt for comment whoring, yes I want the attention, and I'm not afraid to ask for it)
Love you all.

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