Present situation  

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11/21/2005 3:47 pm

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Present situation

My first Blog.

My confession: I love my wife. Period.

I wish my wife would please me or even act like she wants to please me as much as I try to please her.

A lot like much of America, my wife is fat. I mean over 200 pounds and 5 foot fat. So, physically she is Sooo not my type.

I don't care, I love her. That will never change.

She isn't a prude in conversation and she seems to be the type that would be very freaky in bed. Let's make it simple: she isn't. She isn't even very active.

Maybe it is because she is fat. Whatever. I'm still going to keep trying to have sex with her whenever I can, and certainly whenever she's interested.

Let's make it even more simple: I want more.
I want a lot more.

I want to experiment with beautiful women that have open minds. I'm a normal straight guy that want two women focusing their full attention on me or each other, every guy's fantasy. I also want a friend with benefits. I want one night stands. I want blowjobs from girls that will swallow. Hell, I want even one blowjob. I want to experience being one of two guys giving a beautiful girl double penitration.

I want to learn. I want more stamina. Maybe not so smart of me to admit, but I'm not going to get more stamina without more sex.

I LOVE FOREPLAY. (I've almost forgotten what it is)

I have never slept with anyone other than my wife. Can you believe it? Doesn't's true. Any opinions, or offers.

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