Empathy and Friendship  

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Empathy and Friendship

She comes over with a group of friends that we (my girlfriend and I, now wife) spend time with every week. She's my best friend's girl. My girlfriend and I knew them both separately before they met and started dating each other.

I greet my friends at the door. Her boyfriend is at work (schedule change). Everyone has a smile on their face except her. I don't notice this right away as I am somewhat distracted by her outfit.

She's wearing an almost homemade tank top (shrunken to show more belly, and cut at the top to show an incredible amount of cleavage). Her spandex shorts, not so subtly shows off her lack of panties. That or a well concealed thong.

She gives me a very warm hug, as always, pressing her 38 DD sized chest into me, knowing just how good it feels.

She clings to me a little longer then she normally does. I squeeze her back just as hard, picking her up easily, producing a contented squeak from her as I set her back down. She's 5'1" so it isn't that difficult. Oddly, she holds on a little longer and I finally realize something is wrong. So I ask, but she only shakes her head for now. This, of course, also shows off her beautiful dark, thick, straight, long hair; which everyone knows I love.

The Day progresses and my girlfriend quickly draws out of her that she is depressed about her boyfriend. She doesn't much want to talk about it as she wants to enjoy the time spent with friends.

Amongst our friends, for some reason, it falls to me to talk to and comfort them when problems appear. My girlfriend is good at it, but she won't admit it; while she much rather watch me draw a conversation to whatever conclusion I deem appropriate. Or at least that's how she puts it.

So, therefore, my girlfriend sends me into the kitchen to follow our friend and get her to talk. Before she sends me out, my girlfriend says, "Whatever the problem is, she is obviously attention starved. So give her some attention. I'm not worried and I won't be jealous."

The next thing I know, I'm in the kitchen, our friend is crying in my arms telling me that she doesn't know if her boyfriend is interested in her anymore. In fact I draw out of her that all her boyfriends in the past have lost interest in her after a few short months, so she is afraid of not only losing him, but also is starting to think that there is something seriously wrong, with her.

Holding her close, I lean down and whisper through her beautifully smelling hair, into her her ear, lightly brushing her earlobe with my lips, "I find you very sexy and I've always known you are extremely beautiful. Never doubt that or yourself."

Instead of cheering her up, smiling and going back to our friends in the other room, she pulls me closer, cheek to cheek for a light kiss as a thank you, pressing her chest into me. I can feel her once soft nipples, now hard through her shirt. I also feel the wetness on her cheek, so I feel the need to comfort her and I kiss her back holding her for as long as she wants to be held.

Maybe it could have stopped there. I'll never know. I thought she started to pull away, but it was just to move her head so our lips met. It wasn't just a friendly kiss and I, by then, didn't want it to be. She softly pressed our
lips together. When I didn't pull away, she pressed harder and I kissed back just the same. Her hands running up and down my spine, holding my neck, my head, my back, or my ass. Our arms were all over each other.

She pressed close again and I could once more feel her large, hard nipples pressed into me. I opened my mouth a little maybe to say something maybe not, I don't remember anymore, I do remember meeting her tongue with mine. Our kiss became more passionate than either of us had felt in some time. My left hand was around her waist pulling her as close as I could get her with her clothes on. My right hand found its way up her tank top. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her large, soft, tanned breasts, felt so wonderful. She moaned quietly, softly as under her top I fondled her hard nipples. I Brought her tank top up, exposing her tits to better play with them.

That's when I noticed my girlfriend in the doorway (OH MY GOD, is going through my mind, no correct that HOLY FUCKING SHIT, is going through my head).

I noticed next: my girlfriend's silk shirt is completely unbuttoned, her tits are also exposed; she is rubbing them with one hand and sucking on a finger of the other (not something I was expecting, but also not something I am going to complain about).

I got so completely rock hard at this point, that I know our friend felt it pressing between us, long, thick and hard, uncomfortable, tenting my shorts pointing down, it was almost painful.

She pressed me into the chair behind me, but before she could do whatever she was thinking of, I took her breast into my mouth and sucked on her, hard. She moaned louder. Louder than she meant too. She froze for a moment, not stopping me from what I was doing.

My girlfriend in the doorway noticed this, she quickly and somehow quietly moved up behind our friend and put her arms around her just as she was pulling away and pulling down her tank top. "It's OK. It's OK, " My girlfriend whispered, "We love you. If you need this, we are here for you."

My girlfriend kissed her neck from behind, and helped her pull her tank top up and completely off, exposing her gorgeous, suckable tits once more; which I went back to doing immediately.

I felt my girlfriend's body behind her and ran my hands under her shirt feeling her naked chest as I was sucking on our friend.

Pressing her equally hard nipples into our friends back my girlfriend reached around, stretched, unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. Pulling out my painfully erect member, she guided our friend's hand to it, "See, he wants you. Never think you are ever unwanted."

Our friend pulled off my shirt, and pulled down my shorts the rest of the way. She was topless down on her knees and I was naked in the chair. She leaned forward taking my dick in her hands again, then in her mouth. Licking, stroking, and sucking.

My girlfriend watched from another chair. She had her pants undone and pulled down enough to touch herself. She ran her fingers all around her clit, until she was moaning as well as I was. Into her cunt, her fingers went, in and out, rubbing her clit, finding her own g-spot was easy for her. She pleasured herself and it was the sexiest thing I have ever watched my girlfriend do.

"GOD, I'm going to cum!!" I said, I couldn't keep it a whisper, but I said it as softly as I could.

She didn't stop blowing me. She looked up into my eyes with her deep soul-filled eyes, so wanting, so pleading, "Then cum for me," she whispered, "please."

I couldn't hold it back, I saw my girl cumming, so I filled her mouth, it felt like I was cumming forever. She drank it all in and licked me clean swallowing it all until I was soft.

I didn't stay soft for long. She kept sucking and stroking until I was hard again.

My girlfriend took off her shirt and pants, walked up to our gorgeous friend and pulled down on her spandex to make her equally naked.

Her pussy was so wet, It was dripping just looking at it.

"It's your turn to be pleasured," my girlfriend told her as she took her by the shoulders and turned her around and backed her onto my lap.

Suddenly my cock was as far into her as it could go. "Yes!" We both said at once. My girlfriend pressed into her, nipple to nipple, touching her all over, kissing me, over her shoulder.

Riding me, bouncing on me, being touched by me and my girl, she moaned louder and louder. We didn't care. By then, we wanted to scream out our pleasure; and SCREAM WE DID! "FUCK ME!! YES!!" I shouted.

"YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD!" She moaned louder than she has spoken all day.

My girlfriend pressed closer holding her up and started kissing her, making out with her, feeling her tits. Holding her steady, while I rammed her from below.

"PLEASE DON'T STOP," she shouted, then brought my girlfriend's mouth to her ever-so-hard nipples, "Suck on me. Yes, fuck me. So Close. I'm so close. Oh YES!"

I don't know if it was her saying it or I was saying it, but, "Oh, Fuck. OH, FUCK. OH FUCK!! DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP. OH GOD."

"Please fuck, Ohhhhh, yesss," she screamed while she was cumming. "Cum for me, please, CUM INSIDE ME!!"

I slammed her, over and over. I picked her up, while she was still on my cock. I bent her over onto the nearest table as my girlfriend still kissed her, tongue and all, touching her, squeezing her tits, as I pumped her as hard as I could. Over and over, in and out. I felt my dick harder than it has ever been in my life. I couldn't hold it anymore.

The release was beyond orgasmic. The pleasure was total. I thought I was screaming in those moments, but I couldn't say for sure. I didn't care about any sound coming from me, just from her. She was completely satisfied, and that's what I wanted. That's what my girlfriend wanted.

We kissed a little longer, touching each other. Showing the caring we have for the other two. Until one of our other friends came into the kitchen, and said, "As sexy as that sounded, if you guys are done, I'm getting something to drink."

need2havfun76 40M

12/22/2005 7:27 pm

[mizzkitka] thank you, I appreciate the praise.

Some people have asked me, "Is it fantasy or fact? Where's the story telling versus the kernal of truth that supports the lie?" (I try to remember that line...kernal of truth etc...i like it)

Sometimes I answer with, "The fiction is it's fantasy, or is it it's own fantasy of the facts?" To confuse them if nothing else.

Mostly though I don't answer, I prefer mystery, and I like people to wonder, even when they already know the answer.

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