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Comment I made on mzhunyhole's Blog

The below is a comment I made on mzhonyhole's Blog

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I can't say my comment is profound, but it is something I believe in so I felt the need to post it here as well. Or at least I believe it right now, until I change my mind, so read it, and tell me what you think: am I full of it, have I thought of everything, or am I missing something?

I won't say I think about these questions often, but I can say I consider them all of the time, every waking moment. I've already started to question what I'm starting to type as I consider further what people have commented (hehe).
But here goes...

We make choices. Sometimes what happens after our choices, is in our control (because of the choices we make), often-times, they are not, because others have to make their choices (and yes, doing nothing is still a choice).
Is there a balance to the Universe, Karma or otherwise, that reaches beyond our lives from before to after, I don't know. Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no, with proof given either way.
The question is Does It Matter? The answer is No! Ok, yes it does, but, you still have to make your choices and deal with the results of those choices and the results of the choices of others, whether we like it or not. Will knowing actually make us a better person, I hope not. I hope that the choices we make are the right choices or at least the best choices that we can make given whatever situation we are in at the time. If they aren't or you've made some bad ones, tough, start making the good choices now. That's all we really can do. We live and die by the choices we make (someone's quote, don't remember who, don't feel like looking it up, my choice, hehe)

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