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7/9/2006 10:20 pm

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In response to the very good question of why I care about the age, sex, gender of the person when my first step is mental fantasy..... I give you this:

LOL, I stated that I wished to START with a mental seduction....If a man or woman can't turn my mind on...what's the point of meeting? As for Age, it doesn't matter at all, if I plan to STOP at the fantasy... But I am uncomfortable with very young men as I keep seeing only my son in my head, so I posted the age request...As for gender...I'm open and say for marital status..

Having been on the receiving end of a partner who found sexual/personal satisfaction online...and only online... the betrayal was almost worse than if he boffed the girl down the street. At least that would be physical and somewhat apart.. Instead, he put ME on the outside of THEIR relationship. Almost as if he gave her the intimacy and care that was rightfully mine (at the time) and that I thought belonged to me... He even called her by the same nicknames....Even when he wished to "try" to recapture us... I couldn't forget how much he gave her of himself.....

I would NEVER do that to anyone...nor allow myself to even associate with someone who thinks that this is OK, acceptable, or "not related to how they feel about her". Or any of the other dozen or so excuses people give themselves to excuse what they KNOW is going to hurt someone else.

Basically, I practice what I preach... I don't play with married men. Let them handle their business...and I'm all theirs.. but while they are perpetrating what I consider a cruel act against someone the once loved (or still love) than I am off limits.

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8/11/2006 1:42 am

You're OK, you have a soul!

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