Sex on the beach  

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Sex on the beach

Here's a fantasy of mine that a friend wrote for me. My name is Sarah btw.


It’s a beautiful day the sun is shining a gentle breeze blows taking the sting out of the heat from the sun. I am on a day out with two of my friends Jo and Sarah, we are walking out to the coast, the beach is just over two miles from the nearest road, which means it is usually deserted. As soon as we get to the beach Jo pulls her t-shirt off she has a bikini bra on under it, she then slips her shorts off and kicks her sandals off so she has just her bikini on. I am setting out a large blanket for us to sit on while Sarah is unpacking one of our bags, getting drinks and sun tan lotion out. Jo goes over to her.
“Never mind that lot Sarah get some clothes off”
“My bikini is in my bag”
“Silly girl you should have worn it same as me makes life so much easier”
“Yes I know I just did not think”
I hear what they are talking about and join in.
“Never mind Sarah makes it more fun putting it on”
“I hope you don’t think I am putting it on in front of you two”
Jo says.
“Oh come on Sarah don’t go all shy on us now”
I take my shirt off then my shorts I have a pair of swimming trunks on under my shorts.
“This is not fair he has done the same as you, but you want me to get changed in front of you”
“Come on Sarah get them off, I’m sure Jo will help you”
Jo laughs.
“Come here my little darling let me undress you”
“Well you can put a towel around me then because someone might see if I am stood here taking my clothes off”
We both look around it is a huge beach and there is not a soul in sight.
“They would need good eyes to see you there is nobody for miles, how did you intend changing anyway”?
“I was going to go into the dunes out of sight”
“Why, you are not shy of us”?
“I know it just seemed the right thing to do, even more so now you two don’t need to change”
Jo moves closer to Sarah and starts to lift Sarah’s top.
“Ok then but I am not staying naked my bikini goes on as soon as you have my clothes off”
I start looking through Sarah’s bag to find her bikini but keep an eye on the girls as Jo peels Sarah’s top off, her shorts are off by the time I find the bikini and I stand to watch as Jo unclips Sarah’s bra. She lets the bra fall to the ground and takes Sarah’s breasts in her hand Sarah pulls away from her.
“Oh no you only said undress”
I move in for a closer look Sarah’s nipples are standing out nice and stiff she is obviously enjoying it more then she is letting on. Jo has dropped down onto her knees and is now pulling Sarah’s panties down, I bend to get a good look.
“Nice Sarah good to see you are still shaving it”
“Well I do like my pussy to be smooth”
Jo runs her finger over Sarah’s pussy.
“Umm very smooth”
“If you two voyeurs have quite finished I would like my bikini now please”
I hand her the bikini and she quickly puts it on, I sit down while the girls are still standing and chatting to each other. I think about the girls and what they might get up to, I have had sex with Sarah, which is why I know she shaves her pussy. I have never had sex with Jo but think she is up for it, but the two of them I know have some fun together I have never been sure just how far they have gone together, having just seen Jo touch Sarah’s pussy I think they have gone a lot further than I realised.
I lie down and shut my eyes to shield them from the sun; I can still hear the girls chatting but then must have dozed off for a little while. I wake and open my eyes to find the girls laying down in each others arms kissing, Sarah has her back to me her bikini bra is undone but still in place and Jo’s hands are exploring her back. I don’t say anything but just lie there and watch them, they do not seem to be in any hurry as they kiss Jo’s hands are roaming around over Sarah’s back and I take it Sarah is doing the same as she has her arms around Jo.
Jo’s hand goes down to Sarah’s bikini waistband she slips her hand under and has a good feel of Sarah’s ass when she removes her hand Sarah’s bikini is left pushed down revealing a lot of her ass to me, I want to move closer and join in with the fun but I do not want to disturb them just yet. Jo pushes Sarah’s bra straps off her shoulders as they continue to kiss Sarah’s bra is removed and thrown to one side. Jo glances across at me but my eyes are almost shut to shield them from the sun, with her quick glance I must have looked to be asleep. She then rolls Sarah onto her back and leans over her to kiss her breasts the gentle touch of Jo’s lips and tongue soon has Sarah’s nipples standing firm.
Sarah is running her fingers through Jo’s hair, Jo continues licking Sarah’s breasts for about ten minutes or more, I was watching so closely that I did not notice one of Jo’s hands had wandered down Sarah’s body, when I did spot it she was gently stroking Sarah’s bikini bottoms. Then Sarah is pushing Jo’s head down making it clear she wants Jo to move down her body. Jo gently runs her tongue do Sarah’s body all the way to her waistband, another quick glance at me then she hooks her fingers under Sarah’s waistband Sarah lifts herself off the ground as Jo pulls Sarah’s bikini bottoms off.
Now naked Sarah lays there with her legs apart, Jo kneeling between her legs and looking at Sarah’s shaven pussy. She places her hands on Sarah’s knees and slowly let her hands slide onto her face her fingers tracing circular patterns over Sarah’s thighs and moving steadily upwards. I cannot see very clearly now as her hands meet at the top of Sarah’s thighs but I can tell from the little moan Sarah just let out that Jo is stroking her pussy. Jo then gets her head down between Sarah’s thighs and begins to lick Sarah. My view is blocked by Sarah’s thigh she moans and movements tell me she is enjoying herself though. Jo is really giving her a good licking and I want to join in I really enjoy licking pussy and with Jo having her ass sticking up I think about pulling panties off and get my tongue in her, I have to wait though as I have never seen the girls making out and I do not want to stop them.
I watch and listen as Jo continues to lick and lick for at least fifteen or twenty minutes as Sarah moans and writhes under the touch of Jo’s tongue, Sarah is playing with her own breasts stroking them and pulling at her nipples. Jo then moves a hand up to Sarah’s pussy while still licking her; I think she must be fingering her while licking her clit. Sarah’s cries are getting louder and more frantic she is gripping the blanket we are laying on, she looks across at me her face all flushed, I am no longer pretending to be asleep and have my eyes wide open as I stroke my hard cock through my swimming trunks. Sarah is looking straight at me and cries out.
“Oh yes I am going to cum”
“Go for it girl let your self go, cover her face with your juices”
Jo is working her fingers in and out faster now licking harder at her clit; Sarah screams and locks her thighs around Jo’s head her whole body shaking and shuddering, Jo eases the pace but continues licking Sarah who jumps and flinches at the touch of Jo’s tongue.
At last Jo frees herself from Sarah’s thighs she moves up Sarah’s body and the two of the are whispering and giggling, then suddenly they lunge across at me grabbing hold of me, as if I was about to try and escape from these beauties! They had me pinned to the ground Jo was kissing me with the taste of Sarah’s juices all over her mouth, Sarah was laying across my chest with her breasts pressed against me. Then they were both kissing my face and lips they also kissed each other with their faces pressed against mine. I then felt a hand running down over my body, which I think was Sarah’s, who ever it was she was stroking my stiff cock through my swimming trunks. Jo still had her bikini on and I was not sure if she would take it off but I could not resist trying, so as she was kissing me I put my arms around her and got a hold of her bra strap. She did not react at all so I unclipped it at the same time what must be Sarah’s hand is slipping in side my trunks her fingers wrapping around my already hard cock. Jo lifts herself up from me and allows her top to slide off; she is smiling at me as she bends over me her naked breasts hanging just above my face. Sarah is now tugging at my trunks so I raise myself off the ground so she can pull them down, at the same time I stick my tongue out and it brushes against Jo’s nipple, she lowers herself slightly so I can suck her nipple.
I then feel Sarah’s tongue run up the length of my cock, I cannot see Sarah as Jo is blocking my view of her, but she is making her presence very much noticed as she takes my cock in her mouth, Jo has returned to kissing me as I caress her lovely tits feeling her nipples swelling between my fingers. Sarah is really distracting me now as she takes me deep into her mouth, I gasp for breath and Jo stops kissing me she moves so she can watch Sarah working my cock. She then joins Sarah and the two of them lick my cock at the same time, which is just an incredible feeling, taking it in turns to take my cock in their mouths. All I can do is lay there and enjoy it, my cock throbbing with pleasure I know if they keep this up it will not be long before I cum.
I think Sarah senses the fact that I am getting close as she stops sucking me give Jo a kiss full on her lips, then moves up onto me and lowers her pussy onto my cock. It feels superb as her wet fleshy lips envelop my hard shaft, she knows I just love it when she rides me, so I can watch her tits swinging in front of me as she rides up and down on me. She starts off really slow letting her breasts brush against my chest, and then sits up more so her breasts are hanging as she increases the pace a bit. Jo is kneeling along side me sometimes kissing me, sometimes kissing Sarah or cupping her breasts and kissing them. It is all so horny I know I am not going to be able to last very long, every move Sarah makes sends shockwaves through my body and she sure knows how to move on me.
I hold on to her hips and thrust up at her as she pushes down on me she is increasing the pace now, everything getting more urgent. Our breathing becoming rapid we are both moaning and crying out, Jo giving us encouragement.
“Go on Sarah fuck him hard make him cum, give it to her fill her pussy pump her full of cum”
My whole body is tingling my head feels like it is going to explode my breathing so fast, Sarah is bouncing up and down on me fast and furious now, leaning forward so her clit rubs on me. The attention she has already had from Jo means she is well ready to cum again, she screams and I feel her pussy grip me tighter as she Cum’s my balls erupt spurting into her pouring my hot juices into her. Sarah slows the pace riding gently up and down on me until my cock flops out of her, she then rolls off me and lays next to me.
I have Sarah on one side and Jo on the other side of me Jo takes hold of my cock.
“Well it looks like it will be some time before you are hard enough for some more fun, but I must say it feels wonderful all sticky with a mix of your two’s juices”
Sarah reaches over me to stroke Jo’s breasts, and then the two of them lean over me to kiss. Sarah’s breasts are pressed against my chest and Jo is still stroking my cock, Sarah suggests we take a break.
“Come on lets go and paddle in the sea or play ball on the beach for a bit we have all day so we can get back to sex later”
We head out onto the beach, Sarah and myself remain naked Jo just has her bikini bottoms on. We play with a ball throwing it and kicking it to each other for sometime, gradually making our way down the beach to the sea. Eventually we reach the tide line and we start paddling and splashing each other, there is a lot of laughing and chasing each other. Sarah pushes me over in the water I go after her catching hold of her she falls and I go down with her, the pair of us rolling around in the water. Jo is screaming with laughter she is almost dry having managed to avoid must of the splashing. Both Sarah and I get up and go after her I get to her first grabbing her arm but she slips through my wet hands.
Sarah gets close to Jo but she turns away again, all three of us running and laughing. Again I make a grab for her arm our legs tangle and we both fall to the ground, I am partly on top of her. She tries to struggle free we wrestle rolling around on the sand; I am getting really turned on my cock swelling again. She is almost getting away from me but I get hold of her bikini bottoms, she is trying to wriggle away but it is pulling her panties down, it does not stop her though and I cling on to her panties by the time they are down to her knees she tries to get to her feet. She stumbles with her panties now round her ankles Sarah is blocking her way back up the beach, she turns back to the sea trips over her panties and lands on her back just where the waves reach. With the water lapping over her I pounce on her pinning her to the ground as I lay on top of her.
My cock resting against her pussy she opens her legs some more and I drive into her, it is just a marvellous feeling pumping into her as the waves break over us. Sarah is knelt next to us touching and stroking both of us. Fucking her hard and fast as the tide is coming in the waves covering us more and more, Sarah is supporting Jo’s head to keep it out the water. Jo is screaming at me.
“Fuck me give it to me hard, fill me with cum quickly before I drown”
I thrust into her as hard as I can and my throbbing balls release a hot jet into her.
“Yes you horny bastard fill my cunt”
I have to pull out of her and let her get up as the water is getting a bit too deep we both help Jo to her feet, then Sarah takes hold of my cock pulling on it to drain the last drops out of me letting it splash onto her breasts. We look around for Jo’s bikini bottoms but they are nowhere to be seen so the three of us head back up the beach naked. We get dried off then have something to eat and drink all sitting naked and chatting then lay down for a bit of sun bathing.
I am laying face down and after an hour or more hear some muffled moans, I turn over to see what is going on and find the girls in a 69 licking each other’s pussy. This time I do not pretend to be asleep, I get up and move in for a closer look. Sarah is on her back with Jo’s head between her legs so there is not a lot to see there, but with Jo’s pussy hovering above Sarah’s face I have a clear view of her tongue working on Jo’s pussy it is such a horny sight it soon has me hard again. Sarah tells me to get down close to her then she whispers in my ear telling me what she wants me to do.
First she has me kneeling next to her so she can alternate between licking Jo and sucking my cock, she soon has my cock rock hard again. Next I have to kneel with my legs either side of Sarah’s head pull Jo up a bit and slide my cock into her, Sarah has a close up view of my cock slipping in and out of Jo’s pussy as I fuck her nice and slow. Sarah reaches up and strokes my balls, my cock is covered in Jo’s juices that are dripping down onto Sarah’s face, Sarah then tells me.
“Now, do it now”
I pull out of Jo and press my cock to her ass; Jo lifts her head and shouts.
“Yes go for it shove it up my ass”
I push hard against her Jo is pushing back at me and slowly she opens up enveloping my cock with her tight hole, it feels so good as I slowly sink in griped tight by her ring. Sarah pushes two fingers in Jo’s pussy while she tries to continue licking Sarah but the pleasure we are giving her is taking her breath away. Sarah is fingering Jo’s pussy and rubbing her clit while I gently pushing in and out her ass forcing deeper in each time until she has my full length up her.
Jo Is mumbling and moaning crying out for more as I begin fucking her almost pulling out of her then shoving back in, I can feel Sarah’s fingers in Jo’s pussy rubbing against my cock. Sarah is rubbing Jo’s clit hard now Jo screaming and thrashing around I have to hold on tight to her to manage to stay in her. Jo is Cumming splashing her juices over Sarah’s face I can not hold on any more as I batter her ass my cum spurts into her, then I pull out and splatter Sarah’s face with my cum as well until we collapse in to an exhausted heap of flesh.

rm_fransi19662 50M

3/31/2006 9:31 am

And again a most mouth watering story,it sounds so good nawthy,why in the hell cant i be so lucky,mostly because i see that sexy bum of urs,huggs and kisses

ChitsRheinPlums 47M

3/31/2006 10:27 am

why do'nt that hapen to me?

rm_scorpio_ctza 53M
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5/26/2006 1:48 am

Very erotic.

I hope you write more.

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