Allow me to rant...  

rm_nawty1974 45M/42F
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3/9/2006 5:51 am

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Allow me to rant...

I must apologise if my previous entry came across as a bit offish. I wrote it when I was in a bad mood and I decided to have a bit of a rant. I am now going ot get it all off my chest. I was looking around the discussion threads and a few blogs when I came across this entry:

My experience is that most of the woman on this site in S.A. are the following :
b.Boring lives
c.Talk big and like dirty talk - No action
f.Waste of time
h.Not worth persuing a relationship with.

I would love to be proved wrong!!!!!


My reply was as follows:
Because most men here are like you, a complete fucktard. You have just insulted every female on this site. I don't know you and don't really give two shits but since you had no comments (obviously most people read your blog and dismissed you outright) I felt someone had to say something.
I have been meeting people on sites similar to this and have never seen so may stupid arse comments from South African men.
Who the hell would want to prove you wrong with that attitude, good luck mate!


This guy really pissed me off, who is he to judge a person based on any of the above. I just feeling like ranting so here it is

a)Ov erweight, I have never hidden the fact that I am overweight, I am insulin resistant so it is very hard to lose weight and quite frankly its no one's business anyway why I am the way I am. Should we then generalise that every person who looks after their body is vain and selfish?
b) boring lives - I really doubt he got to know anyone well enough to judge whether they have a boring life or not and even if they do thats why they are probably here.
c)talk big no action, maybe but just have fun anyway
d married, most of us are married, the men too funny enough
e)chicken, is that an excuse for not being able to seduce a woman with words and intellect
f)waste of time, well let me not comment
g)perverts, um well yes and the men here are wanting to make long lasting connections of the soul, se voet!
h) not worth pursuing a relationship with, um well if you want a relationship you're in the wrong place love.

So now that I have that off my chest I just want to say that I have met some really nice people here so far and look forward to meeting my favourites, you should know who you are by now

rm_nawty1974 45M/42F
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3/9/2006 8:21 am

I'm luvin ya too. Dayum!! So sexy! And I haven't even seen your cock yet. Just goes to show.... You got me babe!

Toodela 59M
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3/9/2006 5:55 pm

Nawty ... well said! lol ... ironic, isn't it?

p.s. u haven't met me ... but then, maybe not close enough to home ... still love your pic.


Honor has not to be won; it must only not be lost.

~One Minute in Life~

rm_Woolfman121 46M

3/9/2006 10:22 pm

It usually works both ways. I think it is all a question of what both parties contribute that decides what the outcome will be. It seems as though the person that you spoke about should rather go and pay for services and then at least he will have a choice of what he wants and when he wants it. I love your comments. Kepp up the good work.

rm_nawty1974 45M/42F
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3/10/2006 4:13 am

Thanks woolfie, I am not a bitch and I hate confrontation but I am opinionated and will stand up for the sisterhood.

powerbella 43F

3/15/2006 3:58 am

Whoever posted that first remark you quoted is obviously a victim of self-infatuation and should maybe then knock on the door of the same sex if the ladies here does not appeal to him.... My dar the prove of any pudding lies in the tasting of that said pudding and I am so sorry that I have to inform you that a bastard of your magnitude will never taste any of mine....this makes me so the total bliksem in!!!!! Get a life boy, and hey nawty, man I like you girl...all the men on this site should hook into you...sucha anice liberated and open and honest woman!!!!

I still stand by my motto in life, give truth and respect and you will reap the same. Man I think most of the men on this site is pretty stunning, there are some total aweful ...holes here as well, just I can imagine there may be women that are complete big mouths, but in general the men I have had the pleasure to caht to and meet up with were all nice, stunning gentlemen.

lets just say a prayer for that brother and hope that he does not drown in his own false self image and poor respect for others one day

powerbella 43F

3/15/2006 9:35 pm

Dear Mr Fourplay,

I do think that you totally misunderstood my reply to nawties first posting here, unless you were the gentleman that nawty quoted in her first posting...., but you know I am no judger I just cleared my chest a bit there, some men make generalisations about women, and fortunately for us ladies, some of us do not fall into that category. Go read my reply carefulle, I have met really beautiful, stunnning men on this site, some turned out to be great fun, and some turned out to be amazing friends.

You know, most of us are not here to prove a point to anyone, we are here to meet up with people we can identify with and persue whatever we agree to. So, please, see my heart here. I read your profile and think you are a real nice no arrows to your side.


rm_nawty1974 45M/42F
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3/17/2006 1:48 am

Hey powerbella!! I'm liking you too sistah!! Thanks for the comment, appreciate it hon, pity you aren't in CT, we need girls like you.
4Play hon, she wasn't getting at you at all but the guy I wrote about, she said 'first posting' which confused you.
Powerbella, he's just a little stressy right now but I'm gonna sort that out sharpish!!

powerbella 43F

3/17/2006 5:17 am

I WANT TO MOVE TO CT!!!!!!!! Just no good paying jobs there man!!!! hahahaha, O, thanks for apology and accepted with a good heart.

nawty, you are one seriously stunning woman, keep on being real and true to yourself. It is us few straight down the line girls that will change percepions, we must just stay real!!

take care u 2


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