my first time  

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12/10/2005 7:10 pm

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my first time

since my profile is stupid and wont let me change it, i felt like retelling the story of losing my virginity for the first time. ive never told this story to anyone before.


here goes. well, i was a track runner and volleyball player in high school. i was a top notch runner - incredible. i would have gotten a scholarship if i had stayed with it.

one day in practice though, one of my coaches (single male, thirties) asked me to stay after to put the hurdles away. it was raining and i was in a hurry, but either way, i said yes. after everyone had left, we put all the hurdles in the shed. we got to talking about track, and then eventually to life in general. i remember i was standing in a corner, soaking wet in my shorts and a white spandex UnderArmour shirt. He eventually stood up and pinned me up in the corner. He gave me a hug, which i didnt think was a big deal, but he held on a bit too long. Then he looked at me and finally kissed me.

From kissing he started to move up my shirt, but it was so tight he just told me to take it off. i was only a freshman in high school, so i didnt really think it was that big a deal. plus, i was enjoying it myself. he told me to take off my sports bra as well,and i did. that left me in just running shoes, shorts, and panties. he pushed me up against the wall and kissed my neck, ears, and chin, while putting his hands all over my breasts. he fondled my nipples and eventually started kissing them as well. he proceeded to pull down my shorts. he wasted no time in pulling off my panties as well, but then he stepped back. he looked at me and then picked me up and laid me on the mats kept in the storage shed. he took off his pants as well and got on top off me.

i dont remember everything perfectly, but i do remember him fingering me before anything else. one finger, in and out, faster and faster it seemed. when my hormones were getting the better of me, he stopped, waited a second, and then plunged two fingers inside of me. as tight as i was, i cried out, because i didnt expect it. in and out some more, as i begged him to stop, writhing, my back arched. by then he was jsut as into it as i was, and he pulled his fingers out. he asked me if i was ok, and all i could do was nod. he smiled then and before i knew it, put three fingers inside of me. again i cried out, louder this time because even though it hurd so badly, i loved it so much. i grabbed his wrist as he pushed in and out, trying to make him stop, but he pulled my hand off and kept going. i felt like i was going to faint.

before i knew it, he stopped. he spread my legs apart futher, and bent his head down between my legs. i kept saying no no no, but he smiled and nodded, pushing my legs apart with his large hands. his tongue flicked over my wet pussy at the beginning, and he teased me for a bit. by then i was breathing hard, grabbing the edge of the mat. then all of a sudden, his tongue went in me, deep and hard, in and out. i could feel his nose in my pussy, his tongue finding all the small crevices of my now dripping wet pussy. when i orgasmed, it was the most powerful experience of my life. my back arched and an unnatural angle and i screamed out - i didnt know why, but it just felt right. he gave me a minute to breathe, and then he rubbed my stomach, then the sides of my legs. he then pushed my legs apart, and was about to give me the most mind blowing experience of my life.

he bent on his knees, and smiled down at me. then, he grabbed my breasts in his hands and for the first time, gently pushed his now hard cock inside of me. it went in and out, slowly at first. then, the more he heard me moan, the faster he went. in and out, harder and harder. he went. it didnt take long for my tight body to have an effect on him, and when he orgasmed, he exploded inside of me. the feeling of being filled up like that sent me over the edge as well, and after we both orgasmed, he laid down next to me to catch his breath.

when he got up, he went to put his pants on. he tossed my clothes to me and asked if i wanted a ride home. i said yes, so we left and got in his car. he looked over at me, and i must have looked like shit. but he smiled and kissed me, a bit long. before i knew it, we were on the road, but not on the way to my house.

on the way to his.

rm_bored361 42M
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12/10/2005 9:49 pm

it sounds like you both enjoyed it.thats good because most first times dont if your a female.

tonguelickher 42M

12/11/2005 7:47 am

so will u be telling more

lovinladies692 29M
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12/15/2005 8:07 am

I know that coach and your not the only girl he did that to. What a lucky bastard you are soo beautiful.

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