Transgendered woman m - f , dating  

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Transgendered woman m - f , dating

There is alot of confusion out there by what is ment by transgender even among the transgendered community.

The confusion arises because people are unable to tell the difference between gender and orientation.

Gender means being born male or female , and in the case of being transgendered means transitioning from one to the other.

Orientation means what gender we are attracted to.

For example I was born male with the full male package but like people born blind or with no arms etc, I consider that being born male is an accident of birth or a birth defect and that I should have been female.

I am taking female hormones and have developed feminine secondry sexual characteristics such as breasts, shape, rear, softening of skin and change of body odour and am taking a testestrome blocker (spirolactone)which blocks the male hormone produced in the testes, this reduces body hair growth but mainly allows the female hormones to kick in.
One other important effect of the blocker is that it is hard to get it "up", in other words the sex drive is much reduced.

So that is gender with a bonus on hormones.

Orientation for me means that I am still attracted to genetic women or other transgendered women and sometimes if they have nice eyes (the eyes are the window to the soul)and a nice smile, I am attracted to a few men.

So to label me would be to say I am a male to female transgendered woman who is bisexual

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