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8/4/2006 2:29 am

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I have been asked why i dont have a face shot in my profile.
Its simple really, I live in small town new zealand, a small town in the states or elsewhere is probably a 100,0000 people, where I live it is under a thousand, like all small communities it is difficult if not impossible to live in the community if you are not a part of the community.
I am a part of it because I am identified and related to as a woman.
Small towns in new zealand are ultra conservative, the town where I live is more so than most.
So the answer to the question is I do not want to risk loosing my home or being forced from it, i have established myself here and here i will stay untill i am swept off my feet and carried away by my soul mate. come quickly my love, i yearn for you.

naughty_thang 42T

8/4/2006 3:40 am

Do you think stiletto heeled pumps and sandals are sexy, I do and I where them when I can, they display my legs to their best advantage, they lift up my rear, and give my bunns, I am told, an "interesting wiggle".
The shoes look sexy and very classy and can either be dressed up or dressed down and lastly they help me to feel sexy and desirable and that is always important for a womans self confidence

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