Dating a male to female transgendered women  

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8/4/2006 2:16 am

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Dating a male to female transgendered women

Gals and guys , listen please, a transgendered woman is a "woman" sometimes more than gentic women, I spend alot of time and effort each day to step out of my house looking like a million dollars, to look the best I can possibly look, hair, makeup, grooming nails, clothes shoes and accesories.

As a woman I want and need to be romanced and swept off my feet.

Because I am transgendered does not mean I am hard up for company, each day there are no less than 15 emails in my box from people responding to my add and wanting to date me.
The first job I go thru each night is going through deciding which ones are worth replying too.
One line emails , saying:" I want to fuck you, email me". just do not cut it for me, it might for other women but I doubt it, its a very simple "delete".

One line emails with a picture attachment of a mans cock once again are an easy decision. Read the ladies profile, if she says she likes nice eyes and big smiles that means send a chest up shot with clothes on.
The clothes are important , how else am I to judge that you are well groomed, dress nicely and look after yourself, and dont forget the nice eyes and the big smile.
If I want to see your equipment, i will ask you untill then , save it.

So no one liners, no cock or breast shots, a nice tastfull photo.

What could you write about, introduce yourself, who you are, what your dreams are, tell me why I should respond to you and compliment me, I like compliments, its only human nature after all, most people like compliments.
Dont forget your objective, your objective is to impress me with your sense of humour, with who u are in order to get me to respond similarly to you.
Next rule, please dont lie, i have been hurt and hurt badly in the past by people lying , by people pretending to be something they are not, by people playing games.
Do not tell lies, I will remember what you tell me. If you do not want to tell me something then simply say that, and I will be doing the same.

The actual date.

Do not expect to get me into your bed on the first date, it may happen but it will probably not happen.

What do you want out of the first date, yes you have it , another date a second date in fact.
So make sure you dress to impress complete with a nice perfume, nice nails, hair, dress shoes and accesories. Take the extra time and effort, I will be doing the same and besides that I am well worth it as I am sure you are too

naughty_thang 43T

8/4/2006 3:32 am

Do you agree with me, yes/no?
Do u like 1 line emails, yes/no?
Do u like cock or breast shots, yes/no

rm_gator62000 68M  
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8/4/2006 4:34 am

Hi I'm Michael i will not play game with you and i will not lie to you and i will not say anything that you don't want me yo say but i would meet with you and talk you about have a relationship with you and whyi tell you that when we meet, i better at talk face to face then i'm at this pc talk, but it just one thing i live in newport news and i work at night and if it will be ok if we could meet one mornung for coffee maybe at starbuck here in newport news and we can talkbut that up to you i just ask you and just you may could give me a big kiss,i hope now i wait your reply.

PS. I know that i repfil not what you think but i'm bisexual.

naughty_thang 43T

8/5/2006 2:01 am

Hi Michael, you sound like a nice guy, I have no idea where exactly newport news is, but I suspect its not in new zealand where I live and so at the moment, coffee would a cyber coffee.

Yours Kate

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