Ok well...  

naughty_N_nice20 30F
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2/23/2006 10:43 am

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3/19/2006 1:56 pm

Ok well...

Ok so to tell you the truth this has never happened to me before. My ex and I have been having sex off and on since he got home from Japan. I'm using him and he's using me so it's been working out pretty good. Well the other day I went to his house and we unexpectedly had sex. I really wasn't expecting to have sex but I guess he was. I probably should have known that after he gave me a drink. But anyways, so it was so short this time that I didn't finish. I mean hello isn't the girl supposed to get off first?? Well then last night we were talking about me going over there again. Well then this morning I talked to him and he's like I have to go to my dad's and cook dinner. Since when does it take 4 hours to cook dinner? I'm kinda pissed, because what guy would rather cook than have sex??

Then all I want is sex right now and the only thing people can give me is cybering. I don't wanna cyber I want the real thing. I just can't believe it. When I don't want sex all the guys want it, but when I want it no one else does...or they're not in town. What's a girl to do???

flsharkskinner 41M
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2/28/2006 1:35 pm

So - just write me back, and maybe I can help you out... Sounds like your X has something else on the side, so why shouldn't you???

Duro20_47 31M

3/19/2006 9:58 am

really tho. if all you want is sex just wink at a dude. tons of tallahassee guys looking for sex. like me. and if it's just sex, why not try a new dick.

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