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11/21/2005 3:37 pm

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she mailed me and had to cancel our first meeting, which is okay and says we will have to try again after the holiday and she seemed geniunely upset about it. I hope that was the case. I heard from my friend that bi-fem has been out drinking a lot. and blew over $200 at the bar this past week. She met some guy and took him home and the next night went to his house and the next night she was all over some other guy. bi-fem called friend and told her all this like it wouldn't get back to me, or did she want it to. friend has no idea about me and bi-fem so she wouldn't have reason to make this stuff up. she said this is out of character and she is depressed that she doesn't have a man. I have my own theory and Its about me not to sound like i am vein, before we stopped seeing each other she told me she was jeoulus of what me and my husband have and if she was with me she would never find a man. I told her not to worry so much about it for now we can have fun. but i guess she didn't want that, i try hard to understand things from her p.o.v. but she is really upset that she doesn't have a man and then other days she is happy she is single. I am worried she will lose her job and turn into an even bigger alcholic. She was supposed to come over the other night to collect the rest of her stuff and she never showed up. all i want is some girl on girl action. I never asked for the complicatedness of this all. The chick that I met on here seems like all she wants is uncomplicated fun with me since she is married also. That is perfect for me.

sexymanty 41M

12/21/2005 2:54 pm

i have a bi blk lady friend if interested. she lives her in dover. if you have no problem with me watching i would love to let her know about u.

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