Will I ever have perfect anal sex ?  

naughi 44F
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6/21/2006 11:07 am
Will I ever have perfect anal sex ?

I have had anal sex a few times. Not as much as i would like, but enough to think back and reflect apon. Only once I can honestly say that I REALLY enjoyed it and that time the guy came quite fast. My problems is that i often find that it is quite painful. I have tried many ways to compact this, with different lubs and jells, but no luck. Anal sex with my vibrator is a different thing altogether, ITS GREAT ! There is no problem in that area I can tell you ! Also thingering is nice as well. But when it comes down to something hot inside me, its more awww than ohhh.

Now this is a problem, because I love anal sex and the thought of it drives me insane with lust and desire. Also I can only trust the odd man to do it, so I don't get enouigh times to try it out. Maybe thats the problem, too many men want to get it in and pound away, NOT GOOD, while really what I want is someone who will take their time (like my vibrator !).

Maybe its time to give up on the men and try for women instead. Maybe its time for the srap on and some seriously naughty fun with a girlfriend.

Any takers ?

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