Train sex  

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5/9/2006 10:26 am

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Train sex

I can feel you gently lift up my skirt with your eyes.
Your hands all over my body, caressing every curve, every shallow and every rise.

I can feel you next to me, closer, breathing on my chest.
Your hands moving down my front, up my top, and under my vest.

I can feel you getting stronger, overwhelming me, my defences are down.
Your hands control me, violate and excite me, pushing me to the ground.

I can feel you breathing getting quicker, sucking me, tounge fucking me, I want you to taste more.
Your hands hold me and comfort me, I scream and shout and squirm on the floor.

I can feel you push my legs apart, forcing them wide.
Your hands are pulling at my clothes, I'm naked, your lips meet mine and you entering me deep inside.

I can feel you pushing deeper and deeper, faster and faster.
Your hands are all over me, I am your slave and you are my master.

I can feel you wanting more, turning me over, taking me from behind.
Your hands pull at my hair, I push back onto you, I grind and grind.

I can feel you cum, with one last push you empty into my rear.
Your hands let me go and you call out me me 'train terminates here'

Hay ! train terminates here ?, I wake up, fuck I've fallen asleep on the train again.Nice dream, shame about the wet spot on the seat !

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