Sex in strange places, pt:1  

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3/13/2006 10:46 am

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Sex in strange places, pt:1

Sex in the ear ?.....

or even in the nose ?.....

No ? well i must admit that would be strange. I have had sex in some strange and exciting places, on the bosses desk, in the toilets at work, in the toilets in a pub, in the park, on the beach, in the back garden, in a swimming pool, in a mates swimming pool, in a cinema. But I have never had as great a time than in a public toilet !

I have had sex in a public toilet a few times, with both men and women and each time has really turned me on. I don't know why, it just does.

And the best ?

The best has to be in the mens toilet. Now I have done this a couple (three) times and each one was different. The first time was great, I had a few two many drinks and ended up following a guy i had met into a toilet in the local park. I was just a laugh at first, I watched him pee and then stared touching it. He liked it (obviously - what man would not) and so I played a bit more. He did waht to kiss me but that was not part of the deal, i just felt like i wanted to tease him and get what I wanted out of him. So I wlaked into a cubical and called for him. He came (obviously).

He closed the door behind him and I sat on the toilet and pulled down his jeans. Taking a deep breath I wrapped my lips around his penis and started to enjoy myself. It seemd much more tasty than normal, so I carried on for a while, enjoying him grow inside my mouth. Now I did sooo want to be fucked but someone came into the toilet and he seemed to get worried (personally they could have joined in, but thats another story). We did stop there, but that was the start of my liking for sex in public toilets. I'll tell you more another day as I am short of time.

Other people must have other places they like, what is your fav ?

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