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I've always felt that i need a good spanking, but I'm not into S + M. I don't want to be hurt REALLY badly, just given a good lesson. I have felt recently that I would love to be able to go to one of those retro disco things called 'school disco' and really play up. One of my overiding fantacies is to be disciplined by another man. I say a man as i don't think a boy would do. He has to be older than me, i'd say at least ion his 40's or 50's. My little short skirt would be no match for his roaming hands and fingers and my bottom would be his to have and do whatever he pleases with.

I have thought about this alot before and I think it is one thing i must do before i get too old. the feeling of being with an older man is, I think, the best, as long as they are:
1. Experianced, but not long in the tooth.
2. Taller than me, short old men are a def no no.
3. Not a dirty old man, kicky YES, but seedy, NO.
4. Have a good engine. The only heavy breathing I want is when I go down on them, not when they are just climing onto the bed.
5. Hair, does it matter, not really, bald is fine, but a bad hair piece ? NO NO NO

I have had mostly older men in my time and I can honestly say that some were good some were so bad. The best ? has to be 'sir' from Liverpool street station. very well dressed, kind but firm, old but good looking, hands that knew where to touch..and a lovely, nice sized, warm, tastey penis. He showed me what I had to do and reasuringly talked me throught it.

GREAT ! Please sir can i have some more !

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