Life, love, blogging - Enjoy ?  

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4/5/2006 2:57 am

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Life, love, blogging - Enjoy ?

I have read lots recently, in the papers and on the web, that could (and should !) depress me, but it doesn't. I get depressed about work (or the lack of it), but the World no longer shocks or shakes me. We have all been through some very tough times recently. The World continues to fight itself for no real reason. 'Evil' seams to be an easy tag word attached to everything and anything and 'Fear' is another. Like two school kids arguing in the playground we rip each other apart; viewed by passive masses, some watching, some egging the 'fight' on. But I don't seem to feel contected to all this 'fear' and 'terror' I just feel numb.

I do care, but I turn away, maybe because I've een it all before.

This is totally different to what I have experianced, written and read, by opening my feelings to thousands, by blogging . Over the last few weeks I have read stories on this site, some good, some bad, some heartwarming some just sad. The overwhelming message seems to be that someone wants something. Obiviously alot is someone wanting to be fucked (or so they say) but a large majority seems to be people who just want to be heard. What is heartwarming though, is that quite often there are people out there listening and (more importantly) responding. Increasingly I find myself talking about, and writting, things that I never thought I would. It feels liberating and free from judgement. It is almost as if life is easier to understand, or explain, by reading and writting about our inner most feelings of love and lust. Certainly for me it is as if I can understand more about MYSELF by writting about MY inner feelings of love and lust.

If I can understand my basic id then I can understand the world ? no bolloocks, but it certainly helps !

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