Hi ya !  

naughi 43F
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5/3/2006 1:44 am
Hi ya !

I havn't blogged for such a long time I thought that now was the time. The last few weeks I havn't really done much. Baught a new skirt, met a man, no sorry men, and worked loads.

The skirt is a lovely new boho style skirt, quite long and flowing, feels lovely to wear and quite pretty. i havn't had the pleassure of wearing, or not wearing it, in front of one of my men, but i hope to soon.

As for the men, well only was lovely, had the most amazing dick and a good body as well. We (well, had a great oral session, I was sucking for ages. He had one of those dicks that was a pleasure to suck. It was quite warm and well groomed, no excess hair or dick cheese and tasted nice, fleshy not fishy ! It was a nice size as well, it fitted into my mouth quite suggly. I met him during the day and after a while we went somewhere quite to have a bit of a fumble. He was quite gentle and was stroking my thigh so nicley that I felt I had to give him something in return. As i undid his jeans I felt him react quite strongly, he seemed to harden and flinch at my touch. I think he was quite sensative. So I got down on my knees and kissed him on the tip, teasing him ever so much and then slipping his whole shaft inside my mouth. He was lovely to suck, just the right length. Not to big as to want to gag, but big enough to satisfy. I did so enjoy being down there that I kept on bringing him to climax and then stopping just before, waiting and starting again,. I didn;t want him to cum until I was ready. He loved it and ended up coming everywhere, all over me in fact, which i wasn't tottally pleased about as we had no where to clean up. He wants to mewet again, but i don't know, I may do, he is the first for a while I have felt I could sleep with again and again.

The other fella was much older,l i do like them older and wanted to touich me all over. i did start to strip for him, but he stopped me at my waist, so I still had my top on. He wanted to play with me and god, play with me he did ! He was great, he looked deep into my eyes with a great intensity, while his hands worked their magic below. He started by helping me unzip my jeans and tesing them over my bottom. He seemed to like the fact that I had stockings on underneath and loved my lace knickers. I wanted to touch him but he kept on backing off. he would pull me close and then push his hand down inside my knickers, not violently but forcefull, reaching right round to my annus sometimes. i did so want to bend over for him but he just liked playing, after a while I had no choice but to let him continue and I stopped fighting it and enjoyed it.

Well thats it really, I have caughty up with whats been hppening. Still havn't found a media job for ages.

Oh well, bye for now.

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