I'm Back!  

natrlvr469 44M/36F
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5/22/2006 6:30 am
I'm Back!

Okay so my last post wasn't my last. I needed to leave blogland for awhile to clear my head. I was wandering around quite lost and I thought it had something to do with my posts here. But what I realized is it hadn't anything to do with here, it was what was missing in my offline life. It was something that I was getting from Josh and my online friends that I wasn't getting from my family life. That I wasn't truly happy. I had become my mother. Resentful, dispassionate, and angry. In a world where we can reach out and touch someone half a world away, we still wind up with emotionless relationships in our offline environment. Blogland is more real to me than any place on earth. I can be who I want to be here in the online world, but not on the outside. In Blogville, you can find the support you crave. Relationships develop here more quickly than offline romances do. Because of the distance factor (not being face to face) bloggers can be more honest and connect more deeply with others. Essentially, we feel their pain, their agony, their loneliness, even their desperation to find a connection somewhere. It's not somewhere but a purpose that gives our life meaning. A man's purpose is generally fulfilled at the birth of his offspring, a woman's is to provide the nurturing those children need until they leave the nest. When we have no purpose we have no life.

I found new purpose in my three year dispassionate marriage. After reading fantasylover's post [post 356323] I found myself realizing that I want to help others and by helping others I'm helping myself as well. So I've decided to form a support group for people in dead relationships called "Broken Dreams" to help couples reconnect, or offer the support needed for individual suffering from separation anxiety. With it, I hope to heal my own broken heart as well.

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