Une Histoire Triste  

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Une Histoire Triste

Ok people, I'm back in Vegas and I'm staying. That's the abbreviated version. Want the full version of what's been going on? Keep reading. Oh, and by the way, it's going to jump around a little bit. Stream of consciousness and all that..

Four years ago, in college, there was a girl named Julie. She was a great friend of my husband's. (BTW, normally I would change names to protect the innocent. But in this case, the kids and I are the only innocents left.) She was in love with him, he was really nice to her, and he was the only guy her parents ever liked that she's introduced them too. While Rick and I were dating, she got pregnant. She first said that it was her boyfriend's baby. Then she said it was some other guy's, no it was a third guy's, no wait, it's Rick's, etc. By the time all was said and done, there were like 5 guys that could be the father. She tried all sorts of shit trying to get me and Rick to break up. The story about how Rick could be the father goes like this:
Rick was suspended from the Dorms for a month. One night, he was at his friend's Cory's house and got really drunk. He can't remember a thing (so he tells me). Apparently, she gave him a ride home. And they had sex. Rick told me that he didn't think that happened because when he woke up the morning after, all of his clothes were still in place, his hot goose-down jacket included, and his shoes were still tied. I know Rick, no matter how drunk he is, he never leaves his jacket and shoes on; or so I thought. For years, that's all he told me. Then one day he says that he woke up with her in the bed next to him. And he swears up and down that is what he always told me.

So, Julie has her baby two months before Rick and I leave for Vegas. She swears up and down that Rick is the father and that the baby looks like him for four years! Rick asked her to do a paternity test after the baby was born, she says no. We leave for Vegas.

Fast forward until January of this year. Rick lost his job at Mandalay Bay. We decided to head to New Hampshire (see previous blog entries for semi-full details). The day comes and we leave for NH. We're in Manchester for a week, and his dad tells us we're moving and that we have our own apartment as well. WTF? We knew we were going to get an apartment, but we were expecting after the baby was born and he was making some money, not right away! So we move to a thrid floor apartment. A week later, the people on the second floor want to switch with us. So I pack everything up again and we move to the second floor apartment.

Julie lost custody of her children a year and a half ago. Since she told the court Rick is the father of her older son Joshua. She has another son, Ryan, with a guy named Edwin, I think they even got married or something. The state granted custody to Julie's parents John and Joyce. Joyce has kept in touch with Rick. She's sent him some pictures of Julie's kids since she, like everyone else in New Hampshire, belive that Rick is the father. Everyone claims that Joshua looks just like Rick. Rick told Joyce that we were moving to New Hampshire. We were going to arrive on a Wednesday, and Joyce wanted Rick to visit and stay the weekend so he can see Joshua. Rick puts off the visit for three weeks! I had to fight with Rick not to leave me and the kids to go see Joshua on Easter weekend. I missed out on the kid's painting their first Easter Eggs because I was fighting with Rick on the phone, and that hurt me a lot.

The following weekend, Rick goes to see Joshua. Since John and Joyce don't get out of work until after 7, Rick was going to have to spend the night on Saturday. I made him promise to come home early on Sunday. Instead of coming home around 11 like he said he would, he came home at 6. He didn't call me, I called him. His original ride was called into work and he had to wait until she got off work before coming home. I was rip shit. It's the same fucking fight we had here in Vegas: not calling me to tell me he was coming home late.

He finally gets home, and the first words out of his mouth are, "Joshua's mine. I can see it in his eyes." There goes four years of absolute faith that Julie was a lying, cross-eyed, conniving lisping bitch. And then Rick tells me that he's tired of fighting with me about it, and that I had better go back to Vegas until I can deal with the fact that Joshua is his, and that he's going to be a part of Joshua's life. And that also means that Julie is going to be involved. They've been talking the whole time since we moved out there. Julie is only allowed to see Joshua and Ryan on Sundays, so she was there while Rick was visiting. Rick says that we are buying me a plane ticket to come back to Vegas for Wednesday.

We go to his uncle's house Monday morning. Rick's uncle owns a contracting business and Rick works for him under the table. Rick isn't supposed to be working since he can't afford worker's comp insurance. We buy the tickets for Wednesday morning, and I'm crying my heart out because I don't want to leave Rick. If I leave, I won't be able to go to back to him until the baby is at least a month old. That's three months away. Rick's uncle gives him Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off so he can be with me and the kids and we can get our stuff together and get ready to leave.

I'm crying and trying to convince Rick to let me stay with him the whole time. He's upset too and I know he's crying when he's not with me, I can see proof of it. We spend Monday and Tuesday getting the kid's stuff and my stuff ready to go. And I'm still trying to convince him not to let me go. We'll send my dad the money for the plane ticket if I didn't go. Wednesday comes, and we head for the airport. Rick tells me that he'll come and get me if I call. I keep thinking about turning back and staying with him, but after passing through security I decided it was the point of no return.
I called Rick when I got to Vegas, and he told me that he kept expecting me to call him even after the flight had left. I told him I wanted too, but I kept thinking how mad my dad would be if I didn't get on the plane and how I couldn't keep changing my mind since my friend 'Mojo' was waiting for me so I could stay with her.

I'm in Vegas a week, trying to get welfare and WIC so I can have some medical insurance and food. I call Rick the Monday after I left, and told him how I spent my day applying for all that stuff. He tells me that we're better off separated and that I should try to get a place of my own out here. I thought that this was weird, because we were planning for me to go back after the baby was born. He told me he was going to wait for me. So I called his aunt Tina, who absolutely adores me. I ask Tina if she knows if anything weird was going on with Rick because the last time Rick and I had a conversation about separating, we almost broke up. Tina tells me she doesn't know, and that she'll call me back.

10 minutes later, Tina calls me back and tells me that I better call Rick back. Rick wasn't telling me the truth, but she didn't want to say anything. My heart drops lower that what it already was...

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5/11/2006 2:52 am

You have no idea, mzhuny. I finish this update in the next post.

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