Plans Are Finalized  

ThumbChickStool 33F
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3/14/2006 10:46 pm
Plans Are Finalized

It's official: my little family and I are headed to Manchester, New Hampshire. My dad's paying for the tickets, and my mom is paying for everything else.

Yesterday, we dropped a lot of money. My husband finally filed for unemployment, and that starts on Sunday. $250 a week. Doesn't sound like much, but then again, that's $500 for two weeks, and that's more than what he was making on paper before. We also got insurance on our car, almost $700 for 6 months. Here in Nevada, you are required to have car insurance. We haven't had insurance on our car since January of 2005, and in July, the DMV revoked our registration until we brought in proof of insurance. After getting the insurance, we got our car and my mom's car smog checked. And we managed to get to the DMV before 4:00 PM, so we were able to reinstate the registration, and renew it since it expired back in January. That cost us almost $400.

Today, we went to the traffic court. We paid off my husband's bench warrants, about $500 total. We paid mine also, again another $500. We got home, and then my husband was running around with my mom, getting her to her appointments. They got back, and my husband and I went to the store to get stuff for dinner. After dinner, my mom called around and found some company that will ship our car from Vegas to Manchester for about $1100.

And my mom is paying for all of this. That's how bad she wants us gone. She was going to empty her bank account and her savings account, so she could pay for an apartment for us. If we stayed in Vegas, she was going to leave (she's selling her house anyway). If we left Vegas, she's staying. She said she's tired of being our support. If that's the case, I'm glad she's going to be our support one last time and pay for all this. We still don't know when the IRS is releasing my husband's tax return, and now we find out that we're losing more of it because the same guy that screwed his up in '03 also screwed up my taxes by quite a bit.

The plan for tomorrow, as far as I know, is to buy the plane tickets that my dad is paying for. And that scares me. Buying the tickets mean that it's final. That's it. No more. We are officially going to New Hampshire, and I'm scared shitless.

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