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Not my usual fantasy

It is dark out, the only light coming from the streetlights. It's fall, you can smell it in the air and hear it in the rustle of the trees. No one knows what she is doing out, walking those cold and dark New England streets. The houses are dark, the only sound is the sound of her work boots hitting the concrete as she strolls.

There is a light wind, blowing her leather duster around her, rustling in the trees, blowing the leaves across her path. Her head is down, lost in thought when she hears it: a soft snap and crack. Her ears perk up, nothing of her stance and walk revealing that she was aware of the new presence. She continues walking, her hands still in her pockets, only now they are looking to grasp something that may help her.

All at once she feels herself being pulled back and into a hard body, as well as the cold metal of a knife at her throat. "You better not scream or move. I have no problem slicing that pretty throat of yours," whispered her assailant, the unbathed scent of his body barely overpowered by the smell of liquor on his breath. She nodded, and waited for him to loosen is grip or drop his guard.

He dragged her off the street, into the yard of the house next to them. The moment they are out of the lights and out of sight, he drops the knife and turns her around. She stands there, letting him feel her up but as soon as he lowers his head to try and kiss her, she reacts. She slams her head into his nose, listening for the satisfying crunch that lets her know his nose is broken. He howls in pain, and grabs at his nose. Her knee comes up straight into his groin, followed by a quick series of punches into his stomach and solar plexus. He is on the ground, clutching his stomach. But he is almost back on his feet immediately with the knife in his hand. The liquor in his system is dulling him to the pain, but it hasn't affected his reflexes as she found out quickly.

The assailant is up on his feet, the knife held menacingly in his right hand. She holds her hands up, palms in to protect her wrists. He slashes at her a couple of times, and she steps back and away quickly. He slashes once again, but this time she doesn't just doge. She steps into him, blocking his knife hand with her left forearm. Her right forearm slams hard into the side of his neck, hitting the major nerve and blood vessel. Almost immediately, she slams her elbow in the large nerve under his arm, right next to his armpit. The sudden strike causes him to drop the knife, and she reacts even quicker again.

She twists his arm and has him bent over with her forearm leaning on his back with complete control of his body. He tries to hit her, but the way she has his body positioned, he's hitting nothing but air. She knees him a few times in the face once more, and twists his arm even harder. She hears the sickening snap of the shoulder being dislocated followed by his bellow of pain. She's amazed that no one has turned on their lights to see what is going on, but it makes things easier for her. She pushes him away from her using his dislocated arm, and turns to walk away.

As soon as her back is turned, the assailant gets up and tries getting her once more. She hears him coming, and steps aside. As he comes flying past her, she grabs him by the head and twists hard. Again, there is that sickening crunch as the neck breaks and then the body goes limp.

She drops him, and then goes through his pockets. She wasn't surprised to see IDs that belonged to different girls, but she was surprised to find how much money he was carrying. She pockets the money, and then digs into the pocket of her duster, none worse for the wear. She pulls out a small notebook and a pan. She writes a note, and leaves it on his cooling body.

"Hey Sarge, check this out."

"What is it, Tompkins?"

"She's struck again. Here's the note."

"Read it aloud Tompkins. You know I can't read without my glasses."

"It says 'This man is the serial you've been looking for. Check his pockets, you'll find several IDs. He made the mistake of picking me as his next target. Signed, Raven.'"

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I don't know if you made this story up or if you found it somewhere. If you did make it up, you should expand on it turning it into a novel. It's good!

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