It keeps getting better  

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5/13/2006 10:40 am

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It keeps getting better

I just found out that Julie is the one that cleaned my apartment. For all I know, all my stuff's been thrown out. That includes my mother's wedding ring and my hs class ring, among other things.

When Rick when to New Hampshire when his grandmother was sick, he spent all of 10 minutes with her. He never stayed with his father or his aunt, he and our daughter were with Julie and her son the whole time. Julie and Rick were fucking when he was there that time. And he said that if he didn't have our daughter with him, he wouldn't have come back to Vegas.

Rick has signed an affidavit of paternity on Joshua. They aren't even going to do the DNA test.

Julie and Rick have been driving my car, neither one of them have a license. I just reported it to the local police. That car is going to get pulled over all the time now. And Rick has an outstanding warrant in New Hampshire.

He told me that his Aunt stopped talking to him after that visit because he wouldn't let her borrow money. BS, she was pissed because he didn't visit his sick grandmother. Julie was more important than the grandmother.

There are no pictures of our kids up anywhere. But there are pictures of Julie and her kids all over the place.

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