Is it wrong to be jealous of your best friend?  

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8/24/2005 3:11 am

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Is it wrong to be jealous of your best friend?

I was introduced to Raquel*, my best friend, by my other best friend, Missy, a few months ago. Raquel and I clicked very quickly, seeing how we are very similar in personality and have almost exactly the same taste in everything! Well, apparently in our little circle, everyone has dated everyone else. Let me explain.

Missy introduced me to Shane back in high school. They had a very short relationship, according to her (he denies the whole thing). Shane and I dated, got engaged, and lost our virginity to each other (it was naively sweet). After Shane dumped me (I don't remember why anymore), I met Chad, again through Missy. Chad also was an acquaintance of hers. Chad may have been the second guy I had every been with, but I learned a lot from him.

I go to New England for college, graduate and come running back to Vegas as quickly as I could. After a while, Missy introduced me to Raquel (yay!). Turns out, while I was gone, Shane dated Raquel for a while. And Raquel knew Chad, but hadn't done anything with him, although she did get freaky with his almost as hot younger brother. In all this time, Chad was serving in our military, but was honerably discharged. He's been around a lot, and now he and Raquel are dating. I'M SO JEALOUS!!

I'm still very hot for Chad. And something tells me that Chad is still very sexual and probably wouldn't say no. A few weeks ago, Raquel and I made plans to go out. She told me that Chad was coming, and I told her that my husband hasn't made his mind up yet if he would join us. Turns out, he didn't so it was just me, Chad, and Raquel. And judging by his face while we were dancing at the club, he'd have a "twofer"** if he could. Worst part, he remembers all the right places to touch on my body to get me going.

I'm so very jealous of Raquel. I know I should get over him, since our time has been and left. I can't help it. I still think about him, and even day dream about him sometimes. If I could just be with him one more time, but I'm afraid that would make things worse for me. And I know that she is enjoying everything he knows; he must have learned a few things in the four years we've been apart. I'M SOOO JEALOUS!!

Is that wrong of me? To be jealous of my best friend? To want to rekindle an old relationship? To fantasize of someone within physical reach, but not sexual reach?

*Names have been changed to protect those who may or not be innocent.
**twofer- a.k.a two for one. Chad is very virile and sexual. I'm sure he wouldn't have minded, but I know Raquel isn't into it. I've asked.

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