Halloween Fact of the Day #8  

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10/7/2005 10:56 am

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Halloween Fact of the Day #8

All Saints’ Day was created by the Pope in the 7th century CE. All Saints’ Day was to recognize all the saints who couldn’t get their own day because there were so many of them. It was originally on May 13th, but was moved to November 1st in 835 CE. Some think this was to keep Christian from celebrating Samhain (pronounced “sow-en”.

DefiniteTrouble 50F

10/7/2005 10:15 pm

I just love these!

Hugs - DT

Priapeo 46M

10/14/2005 5:23 am

Don't want to sound blasphemous here, but I was guessing if that's also the day when I can celebrate Saint Priapeo?

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