Giving credit where credit is due  

ThumbChickStool 33F
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9/6/2005 1:54 am

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Giving credit where credit is due

I think I might have painted a biased picture of my married life. Especially in regards to my husband. So let me give him credit.

I love my husband, dearly. We are complete opposites, and it works for us. I tend to be quiet and some what reserved in public and he is very outspoken. When I introduced him to my best friend since childhood, she told me she knew I would end up with someone like him. I needed it.

He is an asshole, yes. However he doesn't deny it. He is a nice asshole, as inconceivable as that is.

My husband is a wonderful father. As I think back to college, and think about all the other girls who got pregnant around the time I did, I feel very lucky. Many of the other girls were told to abort, or the father denied the child being his, or he broke up with the girl. My husband (boyfriend back then) was very excited when my pregnancy test was positive, even though I was kneeling on the floor crying in shock. He left his friends and family behind, and moved 3000 miles to be with me and his baby. That was three years and a few days ago.
Since then, he has done nothing but work hard to be able to take care of me and our two children. Every job that he has taken since moving out here has done nothing but increase in wages. He started working in fast food restaurants, moved up to management, left fast food for dealing school. After dealing school, he started working in a small casino working long hours and only bringing home about $30-$40 a night in cash. After a few months there, he moved to another casino and started bringing home $100 a night or so. Now he works at a major casino bringing home anywhere from $175 to $230 cash a night. I have not had a job since before my son was born, so the last time I held a job was two years ago, give or take a couple of weeks.

My husband does not have a problem spoiling me. He loves to indulge my little whims, and buying me whatever I want, if it is financially feasible. If I want a certain DVD, he will get it for me. Our car is also one that I wanted, and he got it. If our children want something, he will buy it for them.

I know I've complained about him. Husband-bashing is not unusual. I'm sure I've mentioned his low sex drive. We had this checked out by his doctor, and now we know it is merely low testosterone levels. We also know that part of the problem is that he is overweight, and because of that, he wants to take up running again. I commend him, and love him even more for making the attempt.

I know I mentioned that I'm not expecting much for my birthday. My husband reassured me that if money wasn't so tight right now, he would do something special for me. He knows I love surprises, and I have told him what I would love to have him do for me.

He might not be my romantic prince charming, but I know he loves me in his way. And I do love him as well. So I thought I would use some blog space to give him his credit, and to let others know that I do have a wonderful man.

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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9/6/2005 3:20 am

~ smilez ~ love comes in just about any shape, form or size. Shapes don't matter as long as the recognition and acknowledgement are there.

very nice post. You both sound lucky to have each other (and your kidz ofcourse)

beewulf9 38M

9/9/2005 11:30 am

Like Goddess mentions above, you both sound blessed with each other and your children.

May you continue to grow and I hope your husband continues to have the motivation to keep running. It is tough getting back in shape.

boytoy115780 70M
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9/17/2005 12:52 am

you have got some very good values on your side honyou deserve a great big hug for thst

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