Birthday Wish Number 1, part 1  

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Birthday Wish Number 1, part 1

As promised in a previous blog, I am taking up some blog space to reveal one of my birthday wishes. And oh yes, there is no sex involved! That's a different birthday wish.

It's morning. The kids wake up like always: my daughter kicking her door as hard as her legs let her, and my son wakes up ready and raring to go. I move to go take care of them when my husband tells me to lay back down and sleep a little longer. I get back in bed, and snuggle under the covers a little longer.

When I wake up a little while later, I walk out into a spotlessly clean living room and kitchen. My husband and kids are gone, but I find a small breakfast and a note waiting for me. The note reads, "I'm taking the kids for a couple of hours. There's a play area they'll like. In the meantime, eat your breakfast and wait. I've got someone coming to the house to take care of a couple of needs. And since you love surprises, I've got one or two in store for you. Much love, your husband."

I eat, and make the bed while I wait. I'm sitting on the couch watching tv when the doorbell rings. I open the door, and on the other side is a pretty girl with a tool box of sorts. She introduces herself as Elisa, my personal beauty consultant.

Apparently her tool box is an entire make-up counter and she has a spa and beauty salon in her car. She takes me into my bathroom and gets a bath running for me. She pours in essential oils and burns a few candles. Elisa hands me a soft terry robe and a CD and tells me to take a bath for as long as I like, but don't do anything more than wash my hair. She'll be setting up the rest of her equipment while I'm in the bath. She also tells me that an associate of hers will be showing up soon, and not to be worried if the door bell rings. I nod my understanding, and put the CD in my CD player and allow myself to enjoy the bath.

After I am done with the bath, I walk back out into my living room wearing just the robe. Elisa has another CD playing just as soothing as the one in the bathroom. Again, there are scented candles in strategic parts of the room. She introduces me to Mark, her associate. He is a massage therapist. Mark takes me by the hand and lead me to his portable massage table. He carefully removes the robe, and lays me on the table, face down. He starts doing what he does best, starting from my spine and working down. His hands feel wonderful, and I instantly relax. After a long exquisite while, he softly tells me to roll over so he can work the front. Again, he starts from my shoulders and neck, and works his way down. When I am completely relaxed, and he is done, Mark gently helps me down from the massage chair and takes me back to Elisa.

Elisa has been busy. She finished setting up her hot wax equipment. Elisa tells me that my husband wanted me completely waxed all over. She starts from my ankles, and works her way up. Elisa waxes my legs efficiently and quickly. She then has Mark rub some soothing cream into the irritated skin just before she moves on. Elisa has me open my legs and place them in stirrups. My husband's fantasy was for me to be completely bare, except for a little landing stip just above my clit. Again, Elisa is quick and efficient. And as before, Mark carefully smooths on a soothing ointment. Elisa moves onward, to my under arms, my eyebrows, and whatever other hair she feels necessary. As she finishes each area, Mark is there to gently sooth the inflamed flesh.

After the waxing experience, Elisa hands me the robe once more, and leads me into my kitchen. There is a swivel chair in the middle of a small tarp, and she has me sit in the chair. She wraps a barber's cape around me, and steps back, evaluating my hair and face. She then turns, and proceeds to pull out different scissors and tools and starts to cut my hair.

After she is satisfied with the cut, she tells me that my husband told her I wanted to dye my hair a rich burgundy color with golden highlights. As she is talking, she pulls out the different dyes and chemicals that she was going to need. First, she applies the bleach necessary to strip my dark brown hair. As the bleach does its job, Elisa gives me a pedicure, just short of painting my toes. Elisa takes the towel off my hair, and then washes it out. She applies the new dye, re-wraps my hair, and then gives me a wonderful manicure, again stopping just short of doing my nails. The red color has set to the right shade and the highlights are just right, so she washes my hair out once more. After all the color has been rinsed out, Elisa gives me a facial, giving my hair some time to relax and air dry slightly. After she is finished, she blow-dries and styles my hair.

While Elisa is working on my hair, the doorbell rang and Mark answered the door. He enters the kitchen with two boxes, one long and slender and the other shaped much like a shoe box. Elisa sees him, and tells him to take the packages into the living room and open them. Elisa apparently knows all the surprises my husband has planned. When she is done with my hair, she lead me carefully into the living room. Lying carefully on my couch is a beautiful full-length dress, made of silk in a gorgeous shade of pale blue (my husband's favorite color). It is in my size, and is cut in the most flattering way showing off my breasts, but hiding my trouble areas. There is a beautiful blue silk choker to go with it, embellished with jewels and glitter. The choker matches the shoes, which flatter my feet and are just high enough so that I can walk without tottering gracelessly.

Elisa looks carefully at the dress, and then sits me down in the swivel chair once more. She pulls out several bottles of nail polish, and carefully chooses one that looks just beautiful, the palest blue that fades into purple when looked at a different angle. She paints my nails, and then both she and Mark remove my robe. They both very gently and carefully helped me into the dress and shoes. Mark places the choker around my neck and then carefully put in a beautiful pair of sapphire earrings in my earlobes. While Mark is putting on the jewelry, Elisa is pulling out different make-up accoutrements.

Elisa takes another chair, and places it in a sunny area for optimal lighting. Mark guides me to the chair, and Elisa again puts a cape around me to protect the dress. She then starts putting up make-up. She starts with concealer, hiding what flaws there are followed by the tinted moisturizer to even out skintone. Elisa takes a make-up brush and starts putting make-up on my eyes, carefully choosing her colors to make sure she enhances the beautiful brown color and highlights the pretty shape. Elisa again goes into her box of magic tricks and chooses a blush that gives my cheeks a faint blush with a hint of glitter. She brushes and blends, adding color and shape to my face. Elisa stands back, and nods and hums a moment to herself. She turns and digs into a different bag. She has in her hands several tubes of lipstick, and she seems to consider them all carefully one by one until she decides the perfect shade. Elisa grabs a lip liner, and carefully lines my full and well-shaped lips. She then grabs a lip brush and carefully brushes on the lipstick. She grabs a blot sheet, and asks me to blot my lips. I do so, and then she applies another layer of color. She turns, and grabs another tube of lipstick. She opens it, and shows me that it is just something that will help set the color. She brushes it on, and then steps back to admire her work.

Elisa smiles, satisfied, and calls Mark in. Mark seems amazed, an honest reaction and not just a professional courtesy. He whistles softly and tells Elisa that she did a good job. Elisa corrects him, saying that she always does a good job but it helps to have a pretty canvas to start with. I blush, and the door bell rings once more.

Mark answers the door, and is greeted with a large bouquet of flowers, composed mostly of roses and lilies all different shades of red. I sign for the flowers and spot a card. This card reads "I know how much you love these flowers. Pick a few of your favorite blossoms to make a smaller bouquet for you to take with you when the limo arrives. Love, your adoring husband." I sigh happily, and pick the most beautiful blossoms. The flower delivery guy takes the flowers, and wraps them with a beautiful ribbon. As soon as the delivery man leaves, the door bell rings again. I open it, and there stands a man in a chauffer's uniform. "Mrs. Bureau, your husband sent me to come get you. The limo is waiting."

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