Alright, I Give!!  

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9/10/2005 12:58 pm

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Alright, I Give!!

Okay, I give up! I'm sure we've noticed the trend of listing 100 things about yourself. Now that my favorites are doing it, I guess I'll join in. Damn you peer pressure! Here's 100 interesting and not so interesting things about me.

1} I was born September XX, 1983

2} I was born in Sunrise Hospital, Las Vegas

3} I gave birth to my daughter in the same room I was born in

4} I've lived in Vegas, California, Panama, Mexico, and Florida

5} I've visited Spain for three weeks

6} I love to travel, but can barely afford to

7} If money wasn't an issue, and certain dictators out of power, I'd want to travel to Thailand and Cuba before I go anywhere else

8} I've been to Disneyland twice this year, but before this, I haven't been there in 7 years

9} I love Disney movies

10} My favorites are Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Aladdin

11} I want to collect all the full-length animated Disney movies on DVD, especially the special edition ones

12} I am an alumni of the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing, and Visual Arts

13} I was a theater major at LVA, but never spent anytime on stage

14} I helped run the theater department's costume shop

15} I foolishly thought there would be no money in theater in Las Vegas, so I went to culinary school in New Hampshire

16} I loved to cook before attending culinary school, now I hate it

17} I met my husband in college, we were supposed to be only a one night deal

18} I lost my virginity around my 17th birthday

19} When I left for college, I only slept with 2 guys

20} When I came back from college, I have slept with 14 more guys

21} My favorite fuck buddy was the delivery guy from the pizza place I worked at

22} My favorite fuck buddy was and is my oldest, he was 14 years older than me

23} I'm a romantic

24} I truely and deeply believe to my very core that happy endings are possible, if we try hard at them

25} I'm a sensualist: scented candles, light carresses, soft fabrics, I love these things and more

26} I value my sense of touch and my sense of smell

27} I love my kids, but sometimes I wish I was older before having them. Oh well, accidents happen

28} I love old MGM musicals. Gigi and My Fair Lady currently top my list

29} Ah, hell. I love all musicals

30} I like to play the new "Phantom of the Opera" movie when I go to bed

31} I love men with good singing voices. Makes me wonder what it will be like during sex

32} I am a huge fan of Billy Idol

33} I love an 80's cartoon many may or may not remember called Jem and the Holograms. My 2 year old daughter is a fan too

34} In high school, I used to show up to class with my jeans soaking wet. I loved jumping into the puddles left over from the rain

35} I hated math and science

36} I barely graduated high school

37} I love the color purple, any shade of it

38} I grew up with dogs, but now I don't want any as pets

39} I have a sweet tooth, I love desserts

40} Lemon desserts are the greatest, although I do love a great slice of cheesecake

41} I can play a good game of Texas Hold 'Em, but I'm good enough to know I shouldn't play for money

42} I've never brocken a bone, but my doctor says if I do something to my ankles from rollerblading again, he's going to have to do surgery to fix the damage

43} I'm afraid of becoming dependant on prescription drugs like my mother

44} I'm afraid of developing all the mental problems my mother has, they say it's genetic

45} I wish I had my mother's weight problem, she can't weigh more than 110, no matter how hard she tries

46} I've had a nanny/housekeeper until I was in high school

47} I'm still learning how to keep a clean house

48} I love all food, but Asian cuisine holds a special spot in my heart

49} I'm an instructor trainee with the American Taekwondo Association, even though I had to dropout four years ago

50} I was in my Soups and Sauces class when the towers fell on September 11, 2001. They cancelled classes for the rest of the day and the next. A lot of instructors and students had family in the vicinity

51} My neck and back are my most sensitive erogenous zones

52} I love to kiss

53} I use a man's kiss as a gauge for how good the sex is going to be

54} I think Pepsi tastes better than Coca-Cola, but Coke Zero tastes better than Pepsi One

55} I'm 22 and already want to get a breast reduction and tummy tuck done

56} I'm four years older than my sister, and she's four years older than our baby sister

57} Twins run in every other generation of my family, and it's my generation's turn to have twins

58} I skip breakfast all the time. It makes me sick to eat first thing in the morning

59} I hate high heeled shoes. Give me a good pair of sneakers anyday

60} I don't like scary movies or anything like that. I do a great job of scaring myself, I don't need the extra material

61} I love to read, but I haven't picked up a new book in months

62} I'm very handy with needle and thread

63} Cuban food is my idea of comfort food. Give me some steak, rice, and fried plantains and I'm one happy camper

64} My closest celebrity encounter was working as a lifeguard at Mandalay Bay. Vin Diesel is not much taller than I am, and I'm 5'3"

65} I was paid $13.25/hour to work concerts at the Mandalay Beach. I got to see some big names perform

66} I have two tattoos

67} I'm thinking of piercing my nose

68} I desperately want a sport motorcycle

69} I wish I knew how to play an instrument

70} My parents got divorced when I was 10. My dad now lives in Mexico helping run the family tortilla factory

71} I never got into any kind of trouble until I was 17

72} I was wearing a 34A bra when I was 9 out of necessity, not because I wanted to stuff

73} At 12, I was a 36D. I remained that size until I had my daughter at 19

74} I've been wearing a 42DD bra since my son was born

75} I love the way coffee smells, but I hate drinking it

76} All my boyfriends had a specific lip gloss flavor. However, my husband hates the stuff, so he doesn't have one

77} I love the way men smell, after a shower, when they first wake up, with cologne, I love it all

78} I collect Barbies, and I have no body issues

79} I use my daughter as an excuse to buy Disney Princess merchandise and certain DVDs

80} I still dress up for Halloween

81} I love Halloween and Christmas, not because of the candy and presents, but because of the opportunity to decorate my home, and the food

82} I was sexually assaulted October 2004. The scumbag is now doing time at a prison were some of the guards are close personal friends of mine

83} I always gave into trends just as they were ending

84} I like to sing, even though sometimes I don't think my voice is that great

85} I love the speed rush I get from riding roller coasters

86} I enjoy water. Pools, beaches, lakes, fountains, I dig them all

87} My parents thought I had ADHD, but the doctor said if I had it, it was mild enough not to need medication

88} I've been fighting depression on and off since I was a kid

89} One of my favorite memories was watching the sunset into the ocean when I was in Acapulco

90} I will miss my grandmother when she dies. There is so much I can still learn from her

91} I don't like smokers. Reminds me of my parents too much. And cigars? Don't come within five feet of me

92} I'm actually a shy person. Take me away from people and places that I feel comfortable with, and I clam rightup

93} My husband is tired of my endless store of pointless info

94} The dishes have to be put away in a certain order. I feel very distracted if it isn't done that way

95} I love the Food Network. Good Eats is my favorite show, but Tyler Florence is my favorite personality

96} I totally dig Dog the Bouty Hunter and Mind Freak

97} I helped David Copperfield perform a magic trick. He kissed me after the show was over

98} I hate dresses and skirts. No matter how long they are, I feel like my underwear is being exposed.

99} I have to sleep with my feet and panties covered by the sheets

100} I live by the motto "Do what feels right. Everything will come afterwards."

There, 100 things about me. Read them, enjoy them learn them. There will be a quiz.

rm_sj365 55F
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9/13/2005 3:17 pm

super list! Glad you pointed me to it. My daughter is also a theater major who spends no time on stage & dreams of directing. shes a pretty bossy chick,she should be good at it

SJ *adding you to the list of lists & blogs to watch

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