A Childish Indulgement  

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9/17/2005 4:56 pm

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A Childish Indulgement

I'm going to take a moment to indulge the curiosity of my inner child. So please, be patient.

When I first saw Lilo and Stitch, I didn't like the movie. I thought it was boring, and just not very good. Then I started to watch the series. And the series was cool. And watching the series made me want to watch the movie again. And lo, I ended up liking the movie. But it brought about a few questions.

How old is Lilo?
She is so small compared to the other grown ups, and they pick her up easily through out the movie. She seems young in the movie like 4 or 5, but if you watch the series, she seems to be a little older like she's 10. In Lilo and Stitch 2, it's confirmed that she's 7. If that's true, she's tiny for a 7 year old. Her and the other girls.

How big is Gantu, really?
His scale just changes from scene to scene. Either that, or everyone else gets bigger or smaller around him. This is especially apparent in the series. In certain scenes, Stitch is so small that he only comes up to Gantu's "ankle". But a few minutes later, he's big enough to fit in Gantu's fist with his head and feet visible. Another example: in some episodes of the show Gantu is big enough to tear the roof off Lilo's house. But in others he fits right through the door.

What happened to Cobra Bubbles?
You see him in Lilo and Stitch, and in Stitch the Movie, and only once in the series. So where is he? Especially since at the end of the first movie you see him in so many of the snapshots. Surely social services doesn't need his special classification so much as to keep him busy. And with his history with the FBI, how can he ignore all the aliens running around the island?

What's up with Rufus?
At the end of Stitch the Movie we see all the experiment pods falling all over the island. If they are falling from the sky, how do all the pods manage to stay on just that island? And apparently, they didn't just stay on that island.
In an episode of the series, there is a cross-over with Kim Possible (teen superhero that can do anything. She has a sidekick that owns a naked mole rat named Rufus. Rufus kicks butt in his own way). Jumba sees Rufus and says that Rufus is one of his evil creations that can warp space and time. But, Kim Possible is based in Riverton, someplace in California I think. So if the pod containing Rufus landed there, how many other pods are out in the open?

What about the rest of the pods? And what about when it rains?
All the experiments are dehydrated, and Hawaii gets a lot of rain. I find it hard to believe that all 623 experiment pods would be in places that they would stay dry. So how come we only see one at a time? That's

There, that's all. All the mysteries of Lilo and Stitch that have been boggling my mind. If you have answers, I would gladly listen to you.


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