Makes No Sense  

nascarfan200469 48F
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8/26/2006 2:14 am
Makes No Sense

How can you tell someone that they are what you want and then tell them they would be better off finding someone else ? ? ? ? ?

I tell you , your what I want. Give up sharing my stories and pics , hide my profile to show you that I want only you - Not seeing anyone else ending it with once in a blue moon fuck buddies and then you say this too me - saying its for my own good.


Every thing was great up til Friday Night - What did I do wrong ? Did you meet someone else in another town and rather be with her - If so , tell me so - don't try to save my feelings of hurt by being left for another woman - That has happened before 2 times. I am used to that but not knowing what I did wrong and why you want me to find someone better - It hurts and is killing me.

I wanted YOU - you saw through my stories , saw the real me , you was what I wanted. Now , you say you want me but I should find someone better. You came to me and I grew to want you , need you , crave you and desire you. Now , I hurt deep down inside - You don't want me anymore is how I feel ever since you told me.


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