Just a few Wed Evening Thoughts  

nascarfan200469 48F
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8/16/2006 5:20 pm
Just a few Wed Evening Thoughts

I am back and hope to find someone to spend time with in and out of his bedroom unless he braves cumming over to my place where I am back living with family - mainly cuz I help my mom out with cooking , driving and house cleaning..

After being married to one man for 19 yrs - I want someone who will treat me with RESPECT and give as well as receive. I have talked to a few guys from here and read A LOT of profiles. It seems A LOT of guys are used to giving and not receiving.

And I know where your cumming from. I gave more then he gave back in return. I was in a relationship where the guy wasn't used to being wanted , needed , craved or desired all the time and he left me cuz I was too much for him to handle.

Now , I am having a hard time trusting anyone - I don't want to be used just for SEX - I want and need more but I also know that it takes time but I am not sure there is anyone here on this site who can really handle me.

I am not being arrogant - just speaking from experience. I love to send ecards , give little gifts just beacuse NO SPECIAL reason needed. I want to be called just to say "HI or GOOD NIGHT" - when we can't be together. I want to learn and grow together.

Ok, I said my peace for today - My head is still hurting and so I am gonna lay down for a while.
Another thing I long for is : Someone to be near when I am not feeling well - you know " just for company " . My ex never cared for me when I was sick though I did for him. I always took care of myself.


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