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You and I are laying in bed at the Hotel - the night before we had a wild night of love making. We are still a little worn out from it. But that doesn't stop us from having some kinky fun today.

We get up to go shower. In the shower we wash each other off. Taking our time to make love to each others bodies with our hands. You lean me back against the wall , wash my pussy with the gentleness but I beg you to please fist me while I am soaking wet , with the combination of the water and you making me cum just by your touch.

You look into my eyes and see the passion burning wildly as your fisting me so hard and good. I start to scream as I start squirting. You kiss me deep and demanding while your grabbing my hair. I love it when you do that. Then its my turn , after you please me , its your turn to be please.

I get on my knees , wash your cock off. You grow hard just by my touch. I raise it off , I put my mouth on the tip and suck as hard as I can while jacking with one hand as my other is under playing with your balls down to the crack off your hot ass. OH HOW I LOVE YOUR ASS. You moan and call my name as I look up into your eyes. You tell me how you love my eyes. You EXPLODE DEEP IN MY MOUTH , you pull me up and watch me swallow every last drop.

Then we get out and dry each other off. We get dressed so we can go out to grab a bite to eat.

We go to a place and get a back table. You and I sit close. The top I am wearing reveals the top of my tits and my cleavage. You keep looking and I see a little drool on the corner of your mouth. I tease you by flash you a little. You growl , grab my hair playful and whisper in my ear " I am gonna fuck you so hard and deep that you will be begging me to stop , BUT - I won't". I laugh as you kiss me deeply and demanding right there. We get a few looks mainly from guys. I smile back and flirt with them.

I get up to go to the restroom and you smack my ass to show them that I belong to you. I cum back and as I sit down , our food is waiting. I feed you a few little bites , as you do me . I lick your fingers some. I hear you growl again. I moan , knowing I am in for some wild sex.

You stop by sonic's on the way back. I get an ice cream cone and right there. I bend down , unzip your jeans , pull out your cock and rub some ice cream on your already hard throbbing cock. I feel you hold my head as I take all I can in of your cock .Right there in the parking lot of sonic's you fuck my mouth and explode. I then lay back towards the door , spread my legs open and you start fingering me. Turning me on and I moan. You lean down and start eating me out. I squirt in your mouth. You lick it all up and then cum up to kiss me deep and demanding sharing our juices together.

We drive around some more and then go back to the hotel room to make LOVE.

ZZ_Todd 59M

9/7/2006 1:05 pm

These two stories... very nice! Really! You have a talent here!

nascarfan200469 48F

9/7/2006 3:28 pm

THX - ZZ , I only try and write my Deepest , sometimes DARKEST Desires..

I havent fulfilled any of them yet but am hoping so one day with the SPECIAL SOMEONE that found me from this site..


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