Vanilla 2 Females Fantasy  

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7/21/2005 5:25 pm

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Vanilla 2 Females Fantasy

I orginally posted this to the New Jax Group 3 but I want to keep it here to.... Hope u enjoy.

We're in the shower, she rest her head on my shoulder, sliding her hands up and down my soapy back, purring into my ear, biting my neck, gently rubbing her cheek against my jaw like a great big cat, my hands wander all over her backside, slowly she pushes me against the back wall, descending she kisses and licks, her hands lingering on my nipples, then that hot wet mouth follows sucking licking biting just a little, her hands continue down my belly reaching my mound she massages, as my moans become louder slowly her hand slips down to reach the very outer edges of my pussy, I can't help trying to get more, "please, please" I'm almost crying, she laughs low kindly, her fingers find more intimate places to tantalize, we kiss long and deep then she kneels strokes my thighs nuzzles my mound, I'm trembling, waiting, she's kissing me belly and waist her hands have found their way back to my bank, stroking the lips teasing the clit then two fingers slip inside I gasp out suddenly her mouth is sucking and licking my clit as her hand firmly plunges in and out twisting just a little bit........... I cum and cum and cum till I'm almost to dizzy to stand we slip down into the bath, she snuggles to me while I recover, I'm gently stoking her belly, I hear the slight change in her breathing, slowly I turn my head, look at her and smile lean down and suck one nipple in, her breath catches, my hand descends lower, sliding up and down over her mound the fingers briefly gliding across all the tender bits, I keep the pace waiting to hear the little tiny whimpers that I know will come when she's really ready for more.... her hand grasps me by the back of the neck, pushing me more firmly on to her tit, inside I smile as I increase my bites and immediately I hear the sounds I've been waiting for, now my hand pushes down, my thumb firmly circling her clit as the rest of my hand rides over her lips..... again I patiently wait knowing her so well, then she moans deeply turning her head from side to side, I kiss her tit goodbye keeping my hands on her I slide back and over so now I'm kneeling between her legs she's half out of the water laying on a resting shelf, her ass floats half supported by my arm under her thigh, I dive in, kissing licking sucking using my free hand to finger her, giving her everything she wants, till she writhing and grinding her hand pushing me down keeping me between her thighs.... she cums and cums and cums.... as I smile and smile and smile ...

2injaxseeking1 39M/38F

8/13/2005 3:49 pm

This one is my favorite. It's so real, so like the way it is between lovers who know each other well. I find myself coming back to read it again and again. I miss having a girlfriend so much...

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