Sun Goddess Stranger Fantasy  

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Sun Goddess Stranger Fantasy

Orginal written by me for the New Jax Group 3

Water beads on her skin.... she's laid out basking like a dragon on the hot sands of this island paradise. I peak over my paperback, sneaking glance after glance at her half naked form, the heat and sun sapping my will power, I just can't stop gazing lustfully - God, I hope no one sees me. I try to get back into my book and order another drink.... My peach daiquiri arrives and as I tip the server my eyes catch on his huge bulge..... smiling I follow his gaze to my sunning goddess... sigh.... he looks down and chuckles giving me a knowing look..... My cheeks red I bury myself in A Caress of Twilight and forget the world..... the sun starts to descend before I come up for air, I gather my things and walk down toward the water, dropping my bag on the shore wading out I watch the sunset. Even though it is a marvelous show a small part of me is disappointed my sweet sun bather has departed.....

As I set off toward the hotel the quietness of dusk invades me... I decide to stop off at the pool and relax. Why head back so early to my empty room, there's plenty of time to be lonely later... Entering the resort I head for one of the smaller quieter areas a pool with a small waterfall. It's a long path, by the end I feel calm and relaxed, the sound of the waterfall calls to me, I drop my things and looking around notice the area is deserted... slipping into the pool feels incredible, the water is cool and soothing. I rest at the end of the pool thinking about the book I just read, it was so erotic, looking around I slide my fingers under my bikini mmmmm slowly sliding my hand up and down my slit, splitting my fingers around my clit, as I start to get off my other hand finds my G spot and I have a nice big juicy orgasim... Panting just a little and smiling I dive under the water and head toward the waterfall.

I walk up to it thinking to veg and let the water pound on my back but when I slide into I'm startled to realize I was wrong. There is a long curving ledge and my goddess is on a blanket with the server from this morning. She looks scared, I start to turn around when an hand grabs me. He laughs "I saw you earlier, you should join us." Now I'm the nervous one but she looks at him and smiles.... she reaches out to me and slides one hand along my neck pulling me down, kissing me, a little moan escapes, they both seem to take that as permission, he slides me around between them as she continues kissing me, soft sweet kisses, nibbles her hands stoking my hair sliding up and down my neck. He begins kissing my left should sliding his hands around my sides caressing my breast and then coming back he carefully unties the strings and pushes my suit off, covering my tits with his hands, he bites my neck and lightly pulls on my nipples, I moan again almost sobbing, its been so loonnnggggg. He slides in closer still kissing and nibbling at my shoulders and back his hands start to stray further and further south. She is almost sitting in my lap while he now has me snug between his legs his cock hard and pressing against me. As his hand finds my kittie she moves to kissing my ear, neck, shoulder, now that I'm free to speak I beg "please...... please........... please" He pauses, "Please what? What do you want?" "Please I want to cum...... please." She laughs and pushes me back against him pulling my legs apart laying down between them kissing my knee, inner thigh her fingers digging into my thighs I moan she nuzzles up against my pussy "mmmmmm" licks and sucks, my clit is already swollen her tongue finds it and I die....... oh my goddddddd, she looks up winks at him and starts finger me, first one then two, sliding them in and out "Your gonna like her she's soooo tight", I blush but then forget as I cum again. "My turn" she says laying down inviting me to her garden.... what a pretty pussie, her hood is pierce and I wonder what that feels like.... as I go to lay down he say "No just bend over, let her wrap her legs across your back" he guides me to the position she likes best and then as I start slipping my tongue in and out of her he grabs my ass settling himself between my legs.... I can't help it and cum again at the feel of his cock slipping into position.... She laughs pulling me up to kiss me again as I almost scream "My God, My God" he's slipping in, its so thick I feel every single little ridge as he gently starts fucking me..... I cum, and cry, and cum she slides under me so we kiss and then when I'm sure it gets no better her hand finds my clit again, her tongue matches his rhythm, his hand plays around just barely touching my ass and I feel like I'm being fucked perfectly My orgasm starts and just seems to go on forever....... I'm wrung out she's holding me in her arms and he gently repositions up so my legs are behind her's.... his cock is still huge as he slides into her, I'm regaining my breath, as she started moaning, my hand finds her nipple squeezing and rolling it between my fingers I whisper "thank you" into her ear, she laughs quietly and says "your welcome" biting me gently, then she lays back to enjoy her ride as I start kissing licking and biting her, my hands constantly busy as she starts to get off he's pulling in and out of her deeply but slowly driving her mad, she begging now asking for more, he slaps my ass telling me to get on her tits telling me to bite harder she loves it he says, as I do as I'm told he plays with her clit and picks up the pace I feel her hips moving meeting his.... I know she's coming I know it - I can almost feel it myself and he's still hard, he brings her threw it up into a wonderful loud drawn out orgasm... then he pulls me around pushes my head down on her and tells me to lick her cum.... as I start she pushes me on locking my head between her thighs, I lick and suck, she screaming and digging her nails into my arms, just as she starts to cum I slip one finger in her bum, she makes my whole face wet with her orgasm but she doesn't release me she wants more grinding her pussy into my mouth, He reaches for my ass I feel something cool slide down my crack then his fingers follow, he lubes me and carefully starts to push in, talking to me softly, "shhh, shhh relax, relax" I do and he get the head in and holds still. it hurts just a little but he's still and I get back into taking care of her, as I do I'm constantly aware of him, he isn't moving but his hands stroke my back and but, I feel her gushing into my mouth my tongue lapping it up, her legs collapse and I know she's content for now... he grabs my attention slipping his hand up my back grasping my neck from behind he slowly pushes in to the hilt. speaking gently he strokes in and out very very slowly till I'm a moaning shaking tangle of nerves, my orgasm coming closer and closer now I push back against him thrusting with my hips..... he laughs taking over pushing hard, pulling fucking sliding in and out pounding me doing what he needs to get off....... pounding slamming me I'm coming he's coming I'm exhausted.... oh but so so content..... I laugh laying between these two sweet strangers.

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