Movie Theater - 2 men Fantasy  

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8/7/2005 12:16 am

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Movie Theater - 2 men Fantasy

I'm meeting Jason and Tony at the Orange Park Mall to see a late movie. It's one of the large auditoriums and we take seats in the middle of very top row, this movie has been out for awhile.... the theater is pretty empty but there are some people mostly in the middle and lower rows. As the theater gets dark and the movie starts my shoulder brushes up against Jason, we smile and put the armrest up, he knows I like more room to sit indian style. The movie is pretty lame and I'm starting to get restless, beginning to regret coming out to see it but the scenes start getting kinda hot, cute girls in short skirts, young buck guys dancing with them, it's some sort of club gone porn style, now I'm wiggling around in my seat for a different reason, getting pretty aroused as the kids on the screen start pairing off and heading for couches and dark corners, my hands are starting to creep home, my eyes are darting ht around and I see that Jason has a massive hard on.... I can't keep from glancing back at him, then back to the screen where things seem to just be getting worse, Jason and I had a friendly thing once or twice a long time in the past and I know neither of us are really involved with anyone right now.... I can't stop think about him sitting right there, hard, how good his dick used to taste/feel, the scene is over and the movie is back to being lame but now I'm wet and wanting it.... wanting to suck that cock, wanting to feel it slid home, I rub my side against him and when he looks over I smile, lean in, rub my cheek against his jaw, surprise then amusement slide across his features, he opens his arms welcoming me, as I move to sit in his lap he lifts the arm rest the far side to give us more room, i bring my arms up, sliding my breast against his chest, pulling him down into a firm kiss, as his arms start to close around me I pull away just a little, smiling & shaking my head no, I gently ease off his lap and onto the floor, my hands rub up his thighs, I undo his belt, unbutton his slacks, pull the zipper down, my left hands caresses his cock, slips it through his boxers, I can't help it - my mouth is kissing, sucking, licking. His hands guide me, pulling and pushing me, gripping me by the hair pushing on my neck, as I suck, my eyes stray his eyes are closed mouth opened just a little and then I catch a glimpse of Tony, he is riveted just drinking it all in. Jason groans his eyes open and he leans down while pulling me up, we kiss as I climb back into his lap his hands slide my skirt up, his right hand slides down my thighs to reach my pussy, working it threw my panties, his left arm is tight around my back holding me close as we kiss, my eyes close, back arches, I lean into his arm, his mouth moves down my neck his right hand comes up just long enough to slide my shirt up out of his way, now he sucks my nipples, his hand goes down, slips around the side of my panties, sliding into my pussie, I'm completely wet and as his fingers push in I start to cum, he keeps me going, giving me a nice sweet treat, I'm just barely starting down when he pulls me in & up towards him, I start to moan but his hand comes down across my mouth as his head slides into my box, I ride him, and ride him, my arms circled behind his neck, his hands clutching my ass, I cum and cum and cum in-till he gets so hard and huge I know he's gonna cum, we kiss to muffle his moan.... I rest, my head laying on his shoulder, as my eyes open I see Tony still over there, he looks yummy, a little embarrassed but so turned on, I'm insatiable tonight, I just can't help myself, I crawl across the seats to him, leaning up to kiss him, he groans pulling me up he turns me back to the screen, I lean over the seat in front of us, his hands slide my skirt all the ways up around my waist, his pulls my panties down, caress my ass his hips grinding me a little, now he unfastens his jeans, rests his cock against me, sliding it up and down my ass, then slipping inside my pussie, pushing in and out, I can't help coming, I want to scream and scream but I don't make a sound and somehow that makes me come more.... he's good and skilled, very thick but not too too long, I cum and cum and cum as he strokes, my pussie snapping tight with orgasm after orgasm finally pushes him over the edge, he speeds up and we cum together....... he pulls me back with him and we cuddle in the seats happy and content, straightening ours clothes as the couple of the screen get married...

I enjoy this fantasy and I hope you will too. Nite.

Mikey_B1972 44M

8/7/2005 12:50 pm

WOW!!!! up until the "to be clear-" I was so damn horny i couldn't think straight. DAMN, if i had a little black book, i would be ringing some numbers right now...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog too by the way. Iave you read my poems i wrote for Bella?

nakednightswimme 40F

8/9/2005 1:44 pm

Yes, I enjoy your blog and I have read your poems for Bella, I thought they were sweet. Thanks I'm glad my stories turn you on. I hope you keep checking back, I normally post once or twice a week.

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