Basic Attraction  

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8/23/2005 12:58 pm

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Basic Attraction

This was a response to a topic on Jax Group 3. Thought it was interesting so here it is.

Turn On's
For both - Anyone who really moves, pierced tongues

For girls - Seeing women kiss, dance, snuggle, whatever as long as their touching, no real physical preferences as long as they care take of themselves and are happy with they look.

For men- Someone who looks like they can take care of themselves, strong forearms, QUIET confidence, regardless of wether it's fair or not only extremely fit slim men with nice shoulders and small waists.... sorry I've always been that way and I know its not really fair but its programmed into me on some basic level. Most of my partners could have past for brothers by body type.

Turn offs
Extremely loud people - I'm not a nervous person but its very hard for me to hang out to much with overly boisterous people, their just too distracting for me to handle.

For women long finger nails.

For men if they touch to much and I haven't encouraged them, normal touching doesn't bother me, but that sexual slide against the skin / intimate touching does, try it once if I don't lean in to you, purr, or moan back off, try some other night, I won't get offended if you try once a night and just because I didn't respond to someone else doesn't mean I won't respond to you especially if you match what I like physically but currently I'm not looking for men at all. period. not even a little bit. So at Meet and Greets or whatever please please no intimate touching it really really bothers me, makes me not want to come out again, currently my relationship is closed to all but females and anything I respond to at all feels like cheating. I wouldn't state it here if it hadn't been a problem for me in the past. Sorry.

Now specific to profiles on AdultFriendFinder - My turn off's are completely nude pictures for you main profile picture, especially close ups of dicks and pussies. It's just hard to take an attractive close up of dicks and pussies, probably 90% of the ones on here look like they were taken with a cheap web cam and that just doesn't do it for me. Yes I understand I use my tits for my picture, I don't mind any picture of someone's chest. I don't mind nude close up for your other pics. cuz it more my option to look if I like.

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