Hurting Really Bad  

nakedforurplsr 64M
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8/6/2005 1:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hurting Really Bad

Just this past week I found out my xlover got fixed up on a blind date from her girlfriends at work. She is emotionally and very physicaly drained at this point. This guy is a widower with no children and I don't know if its going to work out for them. She told me she needs a lifepreserver thrown to her and I think this guy is it. But by the same token she told me we will never be together again even if I leave my wife because she couldn't live with the guilt of breaking up my family and if I love her I would stay and try to preserve it. She says she loves me and will until the day she dies, but the new lifepreserver guy is like putting a knife in my already broken heart. I do wish her happiness with this because she deserves it, but its killing me. I just found out what being in love is. Even after 30yrs of marriage I have never loved anyone as much as I do this woman. And I believe with all my heart and soul that she feels the same way about me. But for her health reasons,she has MS, she is not doing too well from all the stress of us being together and finding out her husband wants out of there 20yr relationship. He has a girlfriend and still denies it even after there seperation. What do you do for a broken heart? It feels like a 10,000lb weight sitting on my chest. I miss her terribly. I need help with this.

rm_bella_ 47F
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8/12/2005 5:07 pm

You are breaking my heart! Your situation is one of such heart ache. I hope to read soon why you are not with the love of your life.

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9/26/2005 7:58 pm

well if anyone knows what to do for a broken heart please tell me. I have this feeling that the next couple of days are going to be killers for me. My ex hubby that i thought we were working on geting back together has been seeing someone else. Her and I have talked and when he gets back in town he will have to make a chose. Im scared and hurting.
Good luck
Heres a hug

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