The full swing...  

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7/6/2006 7:22 am

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The full swing...

Summer ROCKS!

Been camping last night with my boys. We had a great time swimming, catching frogs, catching baby snapping turtles (this is all catch-ogle-release), and hiking around. My oldest son stubbed his toe while making the morning barefoot-man-I-gotta-pee run. Got a nickel-sized avulsion on his big toe. OUCH. I had tears in my eyes while I was gingerly bandaging. He was almost hysterical. Not with pain, but with the fear of having to go to a hospital for stitches. We'll keep an eye on it for a few days to look for infection, but he's gonna be out of commission for most of the fun stuff for a day or two.

The 4th was fun for us, too. We spent it in the usual way- went to church for a memorial ceremony and spent the evening up to the fireworks selling brats and funnel-cakes with our church men's group. We raise money for our town's food pantry.

My youngest son is still scared of the noise of the fireworks, but he was grinning the whole time. He looked like an airline flight crew member wearing my shooting ear-muffs, but he was so cute.

I'm hoping to talk hop-along into going fishing with me this afternoon... hope he's not too sore to walk down to the river with me. Good thing you're never too old for a piggy-back ride.

Hope you're having a safe and active summer, too!

Can you believe the year is half over already?!?

(Next post I'll try to beat the hyphen count of this one, but it's going to be tough..)

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