A public confession of passion, romance, and downright lust:  

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11/17/2005 7:40 pm

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A public confession of passion, romance, and downright lust:

Their first meeting was great, but the second meeting was very anticipated. The location and plans were set…a nice dinner at a hotel, a club for some dancing, and then, if everything went well--the after party!

She was cautiously optimistic with him. Her first impressions were excitement, curiosity, and it just felt right. Her heart raced from the first time that she saw him. There was something different about him–could this be the one to help find her lost passion? She would soon find out.

It had been a while since she really let herself go. To be realistic, she had some troubles in her past relationship and was just beginning to feel good about herself again. Good enough to give into her deepest desires like she had never done with her Ex. She had slowly built her confidence up from a mild mannered woman to the now confident and eyes wide open beauty.

The emailing and phone conversations had all led up to this night. She wondered what he would do to her. More importantly, how well he would do it to her. Was he into heavy foreplay and making her quiver with every touch? Would he know how to handle her sensual body and show her new ways to have new pleasure? Would his mouth send her into ecstasy? Would his cock make her body crave to be fucked???

He was waiting for her at the perfect table by the fireplace in the restaurant. He was dressed very well, and good enough to make most of the people in the restaurant wonder what his story was–an actor, celebrity, someone famous–they were all curiously puzzled. This was true up until the point where she walked in.

The hostess didn’t even need to ask who she was here for or with, it was obvious. He and everyone in the place focused solely on her beauty. She was gorgeous, curvy, and all woman. A perfectly fitted black dress was all that kept her unbelievable body from making every man in the place leave their woman instantly. And her face, let’s just say it left an impression that made for happy dreams.

She could feel the eyes following her as she walked across the room towards him, but the only eyes she really noticed were his. They sparkled with passion. He actually was undressing her with his stare as she approached the table. Like a gentleman, he rose and slid her chair out for her. Before she could sit, he gave her an incredibly sweet hug and a kiss on the cheek. She smiled and sat down. He pushed her chair in, gently puller her hair away from her ear, and whispered softly… “a perfect evening, a bottle of wine, and any questions you want to ask, I’ll answer tonight only…but, by the time this bottle is empty, you will cum for the first time tonight and the questions will stop.”

Perhaps everyone in the restaurant could feel the excitement that was running through her body. It really didn’t matter to her because she was feeling the exxxcitement all too well--the wetness beneath her dress warming the inside of her legs.

The questions started simple and she really like the fact that he was not firing them back at her. This was all about her curiosity with only answers from him and the occasional blush from them both. She asked questions, listened intently, and enjoyed her wine and food. He didn’t hide anything and was very comfortable until she asked THE QUESTION… “in a normal tone, so that anyone who is eavesdropping can hear you (which happened to be more than a few tables listening in), tell me what you are going to do with your mouth and your cock to get me off?”

The stage was set and his comfort turned into a surprisingly calm confidence. He poured the last of the wine into her glass, looked straight into her eyes and began…

“If my answer is something that sounds good to you, I want you to slide your hand up your dress, put two fingers gently inside you, and when I’m done answering, let me have your sweet tasting fingers for dessert.”

She was starting to worry about the outcome on this one. She really didn’t expect him to be so open in public, but she was ready to let herself go and start living again. She was all too ready for his answer. His finger circled around the brim of her wine glass and the words started flow...

“Before the door even closes as we go into our room tonight, my tie will blindfold you. As the door slams shut, you will know that I have been waiting all night to touch you. You will feel how hard my cock is as I press against you and slowly unzip your dress from behind. As your dress hits your feet, my hands will slowly glide down your back around your hips and up your stomach until I stop and massage your perfect tits. You will start to breathe heavy as I firmly squeeze your hard nipples. You and I both know how much you want me to suck on your nipples while I grab your ass and pull you close to me. With my mouth kissing and licking you from your neck to your stomach, you will moan for more. My hands will glide from your ass and slowly you will feel my fingers inside you. With my fingers inside your pussy and your ass, I will kiss your mouth so passionately that you actually will lose your breath.”

“After a few minutes of kissing, I will sit you down on the suede couch and let you see–but not touch–my craving, hard cock. I will slowly kneel down in front of you and pull firmly on your hair, arching your back. You will feel my hot mouth slide down your body until you want to explode with excitement. As you spread your legs, waiting for me to lick you, you feel me blowing cool air on your clit. You are sooo ready that you grab the back of my head and pull me into your wanting pussy. As my lips suck on you, my tongue flicks on your clit better than your favorite toy. Your body starts to quiver and your hips start grinding into my face. I put two fingers perfectly inside your pussy while I’m sucking and rub your g-spot like you have never felt before. You pull my head in closer and begin to finger your ass while I’m working every part of you.”

“You begin to yell how you want me to take that pussy and make it mine…breathing harder and harder until you can’t breathe anymore. Your body tenses up and you absolutely explode like never before. You can’t stop cumming, as you feel me moaning as I lick your sweet pussy. A few more moments of soft kisses and I reach up and take off your blindfold. Your first sight…me smiling and my face glistening with your cum all over me.”

The room was almost silent. All eyes in the restaurant were on them. He paused for a moment and handed her the glass of wine. As she drank the last sips, he smiled and signed the check, ready to take her out on the town. She stopped him before he could get up and said softly “your dessert is waiting for you.” She took her fingers from inside her dress, traced them on his lips and said, “we’ll go out dancing another time. I think I’m ready for another bottle of wine back at the room.”

He got up and pulled her chair out. They walked through the restaurant with everyone knowing they were the happiest, sexiest couple they had ever seen. They walked to the elevator. The concierge took out his key and pressed the penthouse suite button…she knew her fantasy was about to become reality!

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11/18/2005 6:41 pm

WOW! WOW - that was great!

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