Our First Time........  

n2funthensome 52M/50F
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9/2/2006 1:48 pm

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Our First Time........

First attempt at a 3some last night. Wanna hear bout it??? Hubby has spent months talking me into it. I finally agreed. We talked to many people. Decided on one of his friends since he can be trusted and we know him already. Cool with me. Plus, hubby had seen a tape this freind had made and thought I would appreciate his "endowment". That was nice of him to consider me!

We have nude pics on a site of hubby's. Our friend has seen them many times! Hubby has shown them to everyone who comes the door almost! He liked looking. We had flirted for 2 weeks back & forth; giving subtle hints. I told him I was gonna show him some "appreciation" for helping us out and that hubby was gonna let me. After I told him that, he flirted openly about the size of his dick and said ok. Even said he hasn't had sex in months! Poor guy! So yes, he was going to be the first!

Well, last night all the children were gone ! A rarity indeed in this house! So hubby called his friend at work and asked him to come over. Hubby then called me and told me what he had done! . So all day I was excited! Tingling with anticipation! Nervous too! Thinking about it. Imagining it! We had already used him in role play on many occasions. I masterbated at the thought~~a couple of times~~!!

So I prepared. Showered, shaved my legs, trimmed my pussy, applied perfume, put on my sexy shirt that holds my tits just perfect! Went to the liquor store and got rum. Oh yes, I needed a drink! Well, actually a couple of them! Hubby got home and we talked. Our friend came over right after work. At this point I had had a few shots so I was chilling. When he got here we smoked some of god's herb. I asked him if hubby had told him we wanted him to be our first. He replied that the other night hubby did say it, but wasn't sure of he meant it or if he was just drunk! So I assured him we meant it. His reply was , "I am honored and yes I will be the first. Let me go home and clean up and I will be back." With that he left.

So, for what seemed like an eternity, I waited. I put on make-up and fixed my hair. Applied more "come hither" smell! Put fresh batteries in the camera. Then I put on my long black sexy gown. If you have seen my pics in group, you know the one! Sooo, looking very sexy, I went and laid on the bed and waited. Hubby is getting excited too, so I give him head while we wait. Then I had a sandwich to go with the bottle of rum I was consuming. Then, finally, he gets back!

So we talked for a minute. He says he can't stay too long. It is already 9pm and he told his wife he was just going for a ride on his bike. So at this point, hubby reaches over and pulls my tits out of my gown. Both of them and begins to caress them and pinch my nipples. We all kinda laugh a nervous little giggle. I say to them, "y'all going thru with, right?" And they both say "YES"! So I told our friend to come around the bed to my side. I reached up and undid his belt and top button. He asked if I needed help cuz he was wearing button fly jeans. I said sure and he finished the buttons and pulled his pants down. I reached out and took his cock into my hand. I turned to hubby and asked him if he was to take pictures. We had the lights off in the bedroom but the door open. I told him to turn on the lights. I don't mind seeing!

So I start to give our friend head. His dick does grow bigger. It has been 18 years since I have had another dick in my mouth or hand or pussy for that matter! So I give him head for a while and hubby takes some pics. I then ask hubby what he wants me to do next. He says to continue on. {He meant with other stuff besides the blowjob.} I asked him how he wanted to fuck and he told me to ask our friend. So I did. He says on the side. So I turned over and he got behind me on his side. I looked at hubby and asked him if he was just going to stand there. He got on the bed so I could give him head while our friend fucked me.

Sounds good so far, eh? Yeah, well, not so! Not sure if it was the excitement, or the smoke, or the lack of sex for months........but I was really disappointed! Lasted for about 5 minutes. Not the pumping I was looking forward to!! Never even played with my tits or clit! Did touch my ass tho. And hubby did get turned on. After our friend finished, then hubby took me from behind. He fucked me good while our friend cleaned up. Our friend said thank you, then he went home. Then, hubby and I had sex again. I guess I was so disappointed I had a difficult time having an orgasm. So we waited a few minutes and got the vibrator and tried it again til I finally had one.

So, this first attempt blew monkey balls! But hey, who said the first time was supposed to be good?? Kinda like when you were a virgin; it hurt and was uncomfortable, but you knew it would be better the next time! Funny thing tho......I was thinking during the 5 minutes ~~~well actaully the last 2.5 when I figured out it he was about to cum~~~ if we had a woman , I bet she would not have left me hanging! So, next time, I want a woman or a couple. No, I will have a woman or couple! Matter of fact, going to start looking for one now! Thanks for listening.

louandal2 65M/60F

9/2/2006 2:34 pm

My suggestions for next time are to go with a couple and don't rush it - allow lots a time, get a bottle of wine. But I think that most peoples first times are a little disappointing - like most things, this is something that gets better with practice. We've done both the MFM thing and the MFMF thing and we've always spent more time and cum harder with couples ... which is not to say that having two men all to yourself isn't a blast when the extra male has a bit of staying power.

shesontop2 55M/52F
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9/6/2006 7:20 pm

i agree with the others, we haven't "swung" for years. and the last time, the other couple got too demanding. other wife fell in love with my wife, and tried to split us up. didn't work though. thats why we are going to take things slow for awhile. but i agree that if you keep praticing at it, like everything else, things will get better and better. keep on trying folks.

rm_itsall4u99 52M/51F

9/7/2006 5:52 pm

I think we could have done a better job than that......Should have given us chance....

rm_horneyjjatl 40M

10/4/2006 3:23 pm

Why did he leave... That was his first mistake! If I would have been there I would have stayed and made you cum a couple of time with oral, toys... etc. And then went back to work on you. My night is not over when I come the first time, it is just starting. An average night for me is 3 to 4 orgasms, and thats just for me! If you ever want to try it again with another guy, let me know. I would be interested in playing with just you, a threesome with the two of you or for group sex. Let me know what you think.

rm_laurenmc 49F
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10/20/2006 9:57 am

hi..we also have had 3somes..m/f/m and really enjoyed them,looking for more and also want to get into cpls.hope you consider us,i know we can have fun...lauren

rm_sarus29 53M/53F

11/14/2006 3:22 am

wow so cool of you to share that. i can't wait to share it with my wife.
We have been married 21 years and I have been begging her for a threesome about as long. I understand her being unsure or nervous about it, I'm a little of both myself. Hopefully your story will help us, or her to go for it. Thanks again for sharing.
By the way we are still seeking a 1st time couple also, maybe you guys could share alot more than words.

rm_alwaysldbck1 55M

1/8/2008 2:59 pm

Not everytime bigger is better

lanxspl 46M
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5/2/2012 9:14 pm

great at all.

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