Why Princess?  

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4/22/2006 7:25 am

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4/23/2006 9:52 am

Why Princess?

Tonite i got a call from my ex-girlfriend of 2 yrs at 230 am. the only girl out of four serious relationships to ever dump me. since this "break up" (3 mos) my pride (and self esteem) is still in the shop and the deductable has got me in debt.
She was just calling to tell me she loved me! or missed me! or whatever? she wasn't booty calling me because i know she thinks she is above that... and she is!
i didn't answer her call,not because i'm upset with her or because i k now its not a booty call, but because i love her and miss her. You see, her and i know we're done! and we are both aware it'll never work between us... but that doesn't stop her from missing me, and it doesn't stop me from pretending that i don't miss her, to get her to miss me more. the thing is that last week the rolls were reversed and she mess ed with me the same way i'm gonna toy with her now if she is gonna let me?
teLL me
So anyone, everyone, PLease insight... for posterity, for a fella in an emotional pity party! I promise i won't comment until i sober up and this headache goes away!

Why do we play these games? why do girls love you when you treat 'em like shit? and why do the break up with you when you treat 'em like a princess? better yet! why do i want to treat'em like a princess? don't blow sunshine up my ass either! I'm gonna be too hung over for that...

n0tatalker 39M

4/22/2006 1:26 pm

Ill stick with my family recipe... Jack & a tiny bit of ...Coke
a cola

tillerbabe 55F

4/22/2006 8:32 pm

I don't that I can answer your questions. I've acutally never played games, that's not to say I haven't been "played" with. I'm pretty "straight up" and I've never loved someone that treated me like shit...that's a quick way to make me run!!!!

n0tatalker 39M

4/23/2006 9:52 am

Well thats very honest of you! So... thats what everyone is do right! Not play games, but is it that easy??? I mean if it was easy i would just call her and tell her everything i feel too. But what thats that do? So i don't know if i'm playing the game or not playing the game anymore.

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